The 2 Minutes It Takes to Read This Will Help You Overcome Any Obstacle
Todd Brison

Great article. Short and sweet!

It’s an interesting point you bring up — that we wouldn’t begin anything if it seemed too hard right from the start.

I think it’s an important factor in motivation, as well as mindset. When we’re confident, everything seems easy. In contrast, everything seems impossible when we feel the lowest of the low.

Therefore it’s important to find the excitement in new things. We can also take a minute to appreciate the excitement we feel when pursuing a new adventure, so that we can attempt to replicate it whenever we feel down.

But in the end, we can’t always harness that same feeling over and over.

That’s why it’s important to go out and experience new things. Enjoy life. Let your mind drift away. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in one place too long that you lose the ‘honey-moon’ feeling of pursuing anything new.

Awesome post. Thank you Todd.