Return To Your Breath


I have no right to require anything of you
You’re a person, I’m a person, we cannot command one another
I know I cannot tell you to stay
But I’m asking

I know that it hurts, all the way up your spine and through your heart
I know that you cannot face the sunrise
With a head so heavy
My heart does ache for you
It beats back in tandem
Echoing your pain with mine

I know I can’t make you stay

Just please
Please don’t go
I love you so
In fact, I see you just covered in love from a thousand places
All wrapped up in it
It hangs in the very air around you
And if you go, it gets very hard to take it with you

I can promise you that if you stay you won’t be lonely
We have the internet now
And coffee shops with communal tables
Our personal bubbles can touch and merge in so many ways
And though yours feels dark
Maybe the light from another’s
Can brighten it up a touch

I can promise you that if you stay you will be loved
We know so much more now
About minds and chemicals and chronic things
We can find a resource that lets us hear you better
Shower you with the things you need
To feel a connection
To get rooted here

I can promise you that if you stay you will live
This darkness is not a death sentence
And out of your darkness
You can pour a stream of life in art and science and creation
Maybe you can ride that stream out
Into the sunshine
Maybe it can carry someone else
Into the sunshine

I’ll stop talking now
Words can be so hollow
How about a hug
And some tv?

Please stay here with me.

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