Root to Rise

Tangle down through your legs
To your feet
All four corners
Tangle into the earth beneath you
Pressing through the concrete to find the soul of your planet and heartbeat in tandem
Get into the gooey mess of it, burning away to the song of life and death tumbling over one another until they hardly recognize themselves individual
Work into the melt and the heat

Stretch through your brain
Run a highlight reel of your greatest hits
Cramming them into your fists until they run between your fingers
Pooling around your feet in glowing glory
Bask in it. Roll in it. Paint your skin in the stuff.
On the strength of it, pry open and press into the boxes you keep closed
Tangle through the dusty contents
Let the sharp edges tear your skin
They climb out en masse
Scrambling over and around to fill the air around your skull with screeching
Voices calling and responding in unholy catechism
Every flaw rehearsed and played to the tune of rain in the winter

Weave between your ventricles
Leave no vein unturned
Dig deep into the pumping and thumping, pounding to the beats you find competing
Tangle into mess of stains and bruises tender with your own repeated poking
Stare at them all
Find they stare back at you harder and turn your roots away
Crawling back on themselves

How the fuck
Do you expect
Me to rise
When my roots
Are all dead
In the hatefulness
Of me

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