From malnourished to healthy: meet Jameson

Thanks to your love and support, more than 15,000 children will be able to celebrate their next birthday. Jameson is one of them.

Photo: Second Mile Haiti

Jameson and his mother, Guilène, arrived at Second Mile Haiti on July 4, 2016 from a small village 45 minutes away. At 6 years old, Jameson weighed just 21 pounds — the average weight of a 1 year old American child. His body was swollen, he had very little energy, and he refused to eat. He needed immediate help.

To help him gain the weight and provide him with the nutrients he desperately needed, the team at Second Mile Haiti started Jameson on a regimen of Plumpy’Nut®. Plumpy’Nut® is a specially formulated food aid to help children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Jameson began his journey to recovery with Plumpy’Nut® produced by our partner Meds and Food for Kids and donated to Second Mile Haiti thanks to YOU.

Jameson began receiving 4 packets of Plumpy’Nut® a day and soon the life returned to his eyes. When he was admitted to Second Mile Haiti, Jameson refused to speak and had almost no energy. By his fourth week at the facility, Jameson was telling jokes and playing soccer with his new friends. Meanwhile, his mother received an empowering education in health, nutrition, and entrepreneurship, eventually learning how to start her own small business.

Photo: Second Mile Haiti

In 5 weeks, Jameson gained nearly 30% of his initial body weight and was discharged from Second Mile Haiti weighing 27 pounds. Today, he is happy, healthy, and continues to grow strong. Thanks to your love and support, Jameson has the opportunity to be a kid again, and Guilène is putting the lessons she learned at Second Mile Haiti to use with her own small business selling cooking utensils.

Every time you buy one of our bars, you give a child like Jameson a second chance at life. On his behalf, and on the behalf of the thousands of lives you’ve helped save, thank you. Thank you for believing that kids should be kids. That nutrition matters for everyone around the world. That truly, we eat together.

“I see so many changes in my child. He plays. He smiles. He eats. He isn’t swollen anymore and he’s put on weight. His face is fresh, full of energy. He doesn’t have a fever anymore and he doesn’t look like a child that’s going to die. He’s doing very well now.” — Guilène, Jameson’s mother