WRA (Levi Lusko)

  1. Pastor of Fresh Life Church, multi-site church in Montana and Utah
  2. Created church with wife Jennie
  3. Author of two books, “Through the eyes of a Lion” and “Swipe Right”.
  4. Have four daughters, but youngest succumbed to a severe asthma attack.
  5. Also founded “Skull Church” and 02 Experience.
  6. Attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in California, 1 Year in York, England.
  7. Also as host for Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusades
  8. Church working on acquiring a century old building in Kalispell, tenants unhappy about short notice and ambiguous future.
  9. Church started in Jan 14. 2007, but has grown rapidly to a congregation of about 1500 people.
  10. Fresh Life Church also purchased the Strand Theatre, Overflowing Cup coffee bistro, Liberty Theater, and former First Avenue cafe.
  11. Skull is a reference to the skull-shaped hill on which Jesus was crucified.
  12. According to his biography, Lusko likes black coffee.
  13. FLC started from a meeting of 14 people to spread out in 12 different cities and towns in Montana, North Dakota, and Utah.

14. Fresh Life participates in “Rock This City,” a state-wide event in which the congregation partners with non profits to serve in the local neighborhoods.

In all honesty, I searched through 11 websites to find information about Levi Lusko. There was not much to go off of. Interview would definitely be needed in order to find out more information.








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