The first words in the morning

The very first outbreathing of the soul in the morning should be for the presence of Jesus. 'Without me' He says, 'ye can do nothing’. It is Jesus that we need; His light, His life, His Spirit, must be ours continually. We need Him every hour. And we should pray in the morning, that as the sun illuminates the landscape, and fills the world with light, so the Sun of Righteousness may shine into the chambers of mind and heart, and make us all light in the world. We cannot do without His presence one moment. The enemy knows when we undertake to do without our Lord, and he is there, ready to fill our minds with his evil suggestions, that we may fall from our steadfastness; but it is the desire of the Lord that from moment to moment we should abide in Him, and thus be complete in Him.


Loving Father, help us to realize that without heavenly help and the indwelling presence and power of your Holly Spirit , we are unable to do anything that is any good.

Communion with God by Tibor and Maria Shelley

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