Announcing GraphQL Contributor Days

We are extremely excited to announce our very first GraphQL Contributor Day, co-hosted and sponsored by Hasura.

This event is intended to give members of the GraphQL community a voice to encourage growth and discuss advanced, current issues.

We hope to facilitate conversation and give speakers a platform in which they can openly discuss problems and solutions to better the work flow of developers.

Paypal, Robinhood, Netflix, Medium, GraphQL creators, and more will be represented and in attendance in San Francisco to further the efforts in growing open source communities.

All interested developers are asked to request an invitation to attend here as this is a non-broadcasted, invite only event.

Some of the topics that will be covered, but not limited to, are microservices, organizing teams around GraphQL, error handling, production ready concerns, security, caching, performance, and GraphQL in the client.

The event is co-hosted by Kaelyn St. James (This Dot Labs) and Tanmai Gopal (Hasura).

Featured guests include:

  • Robinhood — Lee Byron, Lead Web Engineer
  • GraphQL Co-creator — Nick Schrock
  • Graphene/Graphene Tools — Syrus Akbary, Founder & CEO
  • Coursera — Jon Wong, Staff Software Engineer
  • Docker — Tyler Martinez, UI Engineer & Designer
  • Paypal — Mark Stuart, Web Infrastructure
  • Paypal — Shruti Kapoor, Software Engineer
  • Gatsby — Kyle Matthews, Founder/CEO
  • Medium — Sasha Solomon, Software Engineer
  • Netflix — Conor Hastings, Senior UI Engineer
  • Hasura — Tanmai Gopal, Founder of HasuraHQ

We at This Dot want to personally thank Hasura for sponsoring GraphQL Contributor Days and being as invested in this community as we are.

Our excitement to further the conversation in community building surrounding GraphQL is unlimited in its possibilities.