5 Trends on Instagram that you need to know about right now

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This Here
May 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Everyone trawls Instagram for inspiration, that’s a fact. Instagram’s the platform to go for when you’re seeking today’s makeup trends, or the latest fashion piece that all the cool kids are wearing. But Instagram doesn’t only set trends in the fashion and beauty department: the way to pose, the shoot locations, and the objects that appear in the pictures are also dictated by the the latest “Instagramable” trends. So, what does our Instagram feed tell us about the latest trends?

The Orange Trend

Yes, fruits and vegetables can now be trendy, and right now it’s all about oranges.

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The Supermarket Trend

The cereal and canned soup aisles are currently proving rather popular shoot locations for influencers.


The Flowers Inside Underwear Trend

If you’re not styling your underwear with some real flowers here and there, you’re doing it wrong.

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The Slav Squat Trend

Because the traditional standing up pose is just so outdated.


The Pink Building Trend

“La Muralla Roja” is every influencer’s dream location for a shoot.


Laura @ This Here

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