Change is a state

You may have noticed some changes at This Here. Let me explain.

Our 4th birthday animation.

This Here is 4-and-a-quarter years old. A child from every angle, but growing up fast.

We grew out of our first (home) office quickly; we liked Shoreditch House for meetings, but preferred the taste of our own coffee, then our studio-buddies Mastered became wildly successful over night, so we high-fived and gave them our desks back. After a beautiful year bunking up with SOON_ (more high-fives, and even better coffee), we’re now proudly settling into our *own* new space: a cavernous ex-glass warehouse in Broadway Market.

We’ve gone up two shoe sizes, and now have plenty of wriggle room in our work-in-progress studio.

We have beautiful ‘disappearing’ meeting room walls (designed and made by Pippa Murray), several enormous magnetic whiteboards, more windows than walls, and 3 huge and colourful Oak tables arriving soon from Langley Works in Northumberland. All that remains is a little upholstery and for our jungle garden to continue growing.

We’ve grown as a team, and as individuals too, including the co-founder we bade farewell to (more on Tom in a moment), and the other half, who has become the whole (that’s me, btw); we’ve all had a growth spurt, upwards, outwards, and in Tom’s case, onwards to pastures new.

Our home for foreseeable, just down from Broadway Market.

Tom was a founding force of what differentiates This Here: our data obsession; it’s our superpower. His legacy is a team who pleasure in finding creative routes from data insights, who happily natter all day about potentially revealing ways of playing with our growing datasets (lately, on influencers). Tom, you are our hero, and we wish you and your wife Bryony all the luck on your new life in Australia.

“Change is a state.
Conditions will change. Your goals will change. Trends, algorithms, (Facebook!) will change. Our projects happily evolve and adapt at the same pace.”

It’s a principle we’ve embraced in full this year. We’ve re-branded by the hand of our designer Mari Carmen, we’ve doubled in size (and are currently looking for an apprentice) with everyone contributing to the renewed direction as a business, which is reflected in a proper website (well, that task was somewhat overdue), and of course the new ‘creds deck’ and business cards that go with it all. We’ve even got a bleedin’ pension scheme (ok, that one was compulsory. Cheers gov).

This change has also affected me quite directly and personally: assimilating the prospect of taking on 100% of directorial responsibilities led to many reflective questions. Primarily, can one individual truly and honestly profess to be capable in every area required to drive the growth of a happy and healthy company?

Does she need to be?

In these first 3 months as a newly solo’d director, whilst many answers remain, I’ve come to a few clear conclusions:

  1. It’s most certainly not lonely at the top. I don’t have every skill perfectly honed (nor do I expect to), but I intend to work on them all. I’m now categorically obsessed with our financial forecasting system, took great pleasure in setting company-wide quarterly goals, and it turns out I’m alright at VAT returns too. #FinanceIsFun. Meanwhile, I’m looking around eagerly at the incredible talent already here, with an optimistic eye on the future.

2. Advice, advice, advice. We‘re working with 3 brilliant advisors in Richard, Moshe, and Marc, who each know their areas inside out. Alongside this, I’m taking regular informal advice from people I respect, and diving head first into ‘leaders forums’ and mentoring schemes by organisations like PwC and Cazenove. The advice has brought confidence to every decision.

3. Co-operation can’t wait. I’ve always wanted This Here to have a structure that feels more co-operative than corporate, and I’m currently exploring the (surprisingly unchartered) territory of sharing part of This Here with the team; creating a system that I hope will have a huge impact on how we function and how we feel.

With all this change in place or in progress, our eyes are set on sharing This Here’s expertise through writing and speaking, meeting more brilliant clients, creators, and analysts, playing with ever more data, and producing work to be proud of. Oh, and we hope to grow, just a touch more.

Here’s to change 🥂

Jem & This Here

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All photos by the wonderful Pablo Albacete on a rare day off.