Why you should invite influencers to your event

As influencer manager, I’m familiar with the belief that brands need to jump to the influencer marketing bandwagon and become best friends with influencers or they’ll never stay on top of competitors. I also know how overwhelming this feels at the beginning. Where do I start? How do I get to know them? How do I excite them? How do I build trust?

There’s one way to overcome all those fears and, at the same time, keep building your brand’s values and philosophy. How? Well, like all good things in life, it involves A PARTY. (Everybody loves a party. Especially influencers.) 👯

I’m Laura, Influencer Manager at This Here, and today I’m sharing the 5 major benefits of including events in your influencer strategy.

1. Real life experiences communicate better the values of the brand

Let’s say that your brand wants to positively shift its consumer’s perception. There will be a lot of work to do and many teams involved in this process, but one positive action that can be taken to help reach the objective is to communicate this new brand change through an event that embodies your new approach.

You should invite industry experts and influencers within your vertical, but make sure you also include content creators on your guest list as they’ll be the ones whose stories will by shared to influence your potential customers.

When planning the event don’t forget to take into account what your influencers might find interesting, exciting, and relevant, and match it with what currently excites the brand. Perhaps you want to position your brand as an innovator or industry expert by inviting experts to speak at your event, starting a conversation about a relevant topic. This will turn into a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Running an event is one of the best ways for these influencers to really understand what your brand is about and connect with it on a more personal level. It’s also a way to build or maintain a reputation and a positioning within the market.

If your guests understand that your brand is an expert in their industry, they (as industry experts) will pass along that insight to their audience.

2. Everyone likes to share their good times 🤳🏻

With good experiences come good memories, and good memories result in great Instagram posts. Creating an enjoyable and fun experience for influencers will be an opportunity for them to generate content online and create some serious FOMO for those watching their Instagram Stories.

Tip: Create an obvious ‘Instagrammable’ space/moment to make sure your guests don’t miss the chance to post online.

This can be either a corner of the venue decorated in a eye-catching way, a themed photo booth, the trendy hotel you chose for hosting your influencers, a bunch of cute dogs you found on the street, or the unicorn you bought quickly last night.

Coco attended NYFW with Desigual in Sept 18. We found some cute dogs on our way to the show, which was from the book of ‘Instagrammable moments’.

3. Online relationships bloom offline 🍻

It’s no secret that to succeed in influencer marketing campaigns you need to create valuable relationships and truthful connections with content creators. Building a closer and more human relationship with the influencer is vital as this human side can often be lost when either part is too focused on the monetary transactions or their own interests.

We can expect an influencer to create content after agreeing on a fee, but in today’s influencer marketing landscape a cold-hearted transaction is definitely not enough. It takes time to get to the point where your influencer is no longer a model for your product but becomes a true ambassador of the brand. Brands should consider influencer relationship-building as one of their priorities.

Meeting these creators face to face helps a lot. Acknowledging the value they bring to your brand by treating them to a special experience and thanking them for their work in person helps cultivate the relationship and create a long-term bond.

Leni, one of our favourite influencers. After several emails and collaborations we met in person for a Desigual event, and now she’s loving the brand more than ever!

4. Reeling in the big fish 🎣

No matter how popular your brand, some of your most desirable influencers might just not like your vibe, and may either reject or ignore your proposals. Organising an exciting event is a great way of reaching different target groups that have previously been aloof from your brand, and either aren’t ready for a regular collaboration, or just don’t like that approach.

An event invite is a low-commitment opportunity to get closer to them and make them understand your brands real story, and hopefully open doors for future collaborations. This will give you credibility and presence.

5. Press love a good party

Press is the other industry player that you’ll want as an attendee at your event. The fact that some of the trendiest influencers of the moment will be paying attention to what you have to offer will make the press want to experience it first hand too. So, put together a relevant event and an exciting and interesting enough experience, invite all the cool kids and watch how the press is also attracted to your party. This will be the ultimate confirmation that you are now, indeed, on top of your competitors.

There you go, these are a few tips and tricks that will help you navigate the marketing world with confidence and success.

Or you can just take what you’ve just read as a really good excuse to throw a big party. We’re not judging.

Laura @ This Here

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