You should stop working with influencers. Here’s why.

Influencers are all the rage now, but many brands are scared to work with them. And with reason! As a creative at This Here I’ve worked on campaigns with these intriguing creatures and I can confirm they are are as dangerous as they look.

I know you’re already sold on this, my dear Brand Manager who hates Youtubers, never understood Snapchat, and would like to go back to the good old days where you could film a TV ad and expect people to run to the shop and buy your product. Just in case you need further proof that you’re right (as usual), I’ve made a list of the many risks of working with influencers.

Please spread the word before it’s too late. 🙏

You won’t have control over the content

Ok. TRIGGER WARNING. If you’re sensitive to REALITY, you might want to skip this bit as it might give you a seizure.

Influencers have earned all those followers by consistently cultivating their own style. And, for some reason, they don’t like being told to change it.

Worst of all, their followers usually love it too. So, forget about requesting very reasonable demands like making the logo bigger, screaming your tagline louder or promising that your product will take at least 70% of the picture. This is so unfair!

Yes, yes… most of them claim they love being challenged with clever proposals from brands that allow them to get creative but AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. The whole reason why you’re working with them is so you don’t have to actually think about content, right?

Expect your influencer’s fans to voice what they think about your brand. Publicly! For anyone to see!

They have friends. And their friends have phones! 😫

This is terrifying. Influencers are called so because they have a large (or high quality) following base. This might sound tempting - getting your message out to all of those people. But, beware! Most social media channels allow followers to express their opinions through comments. This is very messy!

Expect your influencer’s fans to voice what they think about your brand. Publicly! For anyone to see! Real conversations inspired by a piece of content that has your brand at the core of it. Real people engaging with your brand on their day to day and expressing what they think, giving you feedback and insights that could inform your future strategy!

Honestly, who would like that? Brrrr…

Some like to keep it transparent

The reason why their followers love them is because influencers don’t usually mislead. They act genuinely, respect their community and openly share their real life.

Now, what if their audience sees that your picture is #sponsored? 😱 Imagine someone identifying paid content in real life? This doesn’t happen on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, photo calls, or basically any form of brand communication, right? But Instagram? Of course you would love to keep it hidden. It’s always better to maintain a low profile in places we don’t understand… right?

They also expect you to pay for the content they spend hours creating before sharing it with their millions of followers.

They want to be paid!

Absolutely despicable. Not only do you need to acknowledge their existence, they also expect you to pay for the content they spend hours creating before sharing it with their millions of followers. Excuse me? They should be lucky we want to work with them. Us, a brand with 20k followers that struggles to get a follow a week, we’re gonna pay them with visibility. Isn’t that enough? Kids these days... They think they can have it all.

I mean, it’s one thing to pay for photographers, filmmakers, event planners, PR, print makers, media buyers, TV time, or print space. But why would I pay a person who creates original content that not only engages with a relevant audience but that I can subsequently use on my brand’s own channels while probably attracting the real taste-makers in the world? I mean. They’re too young for that, right?

So… what’s the right strategy?

It should be obvious by now that unless you want your brand to be the catalyst of fresh and unique content, to receive live feedback from real people, to maintain a honest relationship with your potential audience, and to wisely invest on a safe combination of reach and talent, you should never, ever work with influencers again.

(Yes, we do love our influencers ❤️)

Soledad @ This Here

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