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This is 69
2 min readAug 11, 2022


About us

We are a bunch of misfits and degens who found each other in the Web3 space. We have been involved in Cryptocurrency and NFTs for over a year, worked together and have been friends ever since. We wanted to give something fun and enjoyable to the Community. Over the past year we have been involved in a lot of projects and during that time there has been endless conversations within Communities about a “69 ETH” Floor Price. We wanted to use this “69” which has been the internet meme number for the past few years, also who does not recognise the number “69”? We could come up with endless jokes and memes on our everyday life involving the number “69”.

We created a project called “This is 69” . It is a fun meme project. Our goal is to bring in as many people together as a Community for Entertainment, Fun and Memes. We focus on delivering what we promise and we work towards that Ultimatum!

The Project — This is 69

“This is 69” is a project which was created as an imagination of the number “69” as a character. The characters of our project are designed to be vibrant, funny and quirky. The design was intended to be funny and enjoyable for everyone. The total supply of NFTs is 2222. The NFTs are to be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be sold for 0.005 ETH at the secondary market on OpenSea Marketplace.

Our aim is to grow as a community together with all the entertainment, fun and memes. We will not stop building. We will stay strong through any obstacle in our journey. We request you to build this community with us, spread the word and grow together!

Community is Strength. A Community is the true Irreplaceable Infrastructure during any crisis. Show Compassion to one another and that defines us as a being!

We are here for the Entertainment, Fun and Memes! Come join us and be a part of “This is 69”…………………………………………………..NICE



This is 69

Hand-drawn NFTs of the meme number “69” imagined as funny and quirky Characters.

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