Zero Three: When FOMO attacks.

live your life and take control. seriously!

FOMO: a term which has only really been part of my psyche over the last twelve months or so. I was very much aware that it existed but I hadn’t realised that there was an actual term or acronym for it. If FOMO is a new term to you, it stands for Fear Of Missing Out, and I get this in abundance.

Since using Twitter quite early on to network with DJs, artists, producers, managers, bloggers etc, I’ve found that my FOMO ‘addiction’ is most evident when scrolling through tweets. I must begin at the very bottom of my timeline and scroll all the way up, pressing ‘show more tweets’ countless times along the way until I can see everything.

What my brain hasn’t quite worked out yet is that if I start checking Twitter at around midnight, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets that I can’t see (and will never be able to see) that have been posted throughout the day because my Twitter app only usually displays tweets from the last four or five hours, so instead of worrying about those, my brain insists on making sure that I skim read everything from that four or five hour window which can take two to three hours sometimes (taking into account replying to my mentions and striking up conversations), which to some could be considered a huge waste of time.

“Twitter has proved to be the one platform which has allowed me to grow my brand more than any other.”

The thing is though, this ridiculously thorough (obsessive) way of checking tweets stems from my OCD (which you can read more about here) which has been part of my life for many years, but in some respects, this behavior can lead to some great opportunities.

Allow me to explain.

Twitter has proved to be the one platform which has allowed me to grow my brand more than any other. As mentioned in Zero Two, people will find any way they can to stop themselves from (cue a phrase I hate with a passion) “putting in the work” (that’s right, I went there) because in order to get the most out of the platform, you need to be dedicated, you need to be patient, you need to be interested in what other people are doing, (if you’re a brand) you need to know when a piece of content could be relevant to your followers and then share it, you need to ask questions in order to build conversations/relationships, and maybe most of all, you need to have your own style, your own identity, your own cadence if you will, which can take time to craft and nurture.

Having built relationships online with some key individuals, my fear of missing out stems from not wanting to be forgotten. In the time when I’ve been inactive release-wise, I’ve managed to perfect the art of staying relevant without being relevant, and despite the lack of new music, I’m still there networking; still in peoples’ mentions, and ultimately, still being seen.

What I haven’t yet allured to is that the fear of missing out has some serious side effects and consequences. Lots of people in business often talk about the work/life balance and discuss the importance of getting it right in order to maintain a happy and healthy life. I work six or seven days a week and I have great anxiety and guilt when I’m not working because I feel like I should be out there with my elbows out and creating opportunities (often at the expense of those closest to me). The fear of missing out, as I’m finding myself, means that my brain is always ticking, I’m always thinking and it’s very difficult to turn off my phone and simply switch off from the world. Being in what feels like a twenty four hour day job where people expect answers to their queries in a matter of minutes (rather than hours or days) isn’t exactly helping but building one day into my schedule a week when I just won’t do any work will surely help.

The idea now is for FOMO to gradually disappear from my life altogether. It’s something I can’t control and I can’t see every single tweet ever posted, so ABSORB mate, deal with it. Let it go. Create more and talk less. Note to self: legacy is the key and your music will be your legacy [and not what you can fit into one hundred and forty characters]. Stay focused. The new EP is coming. Handle your business.

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You can find me across the internet via my website (or search for me by typing: thisisABSORB into your favourite social media platform).

photo by Jay Dawson
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