Zero Twelve: My fear of going LIVE

… and why I can’t get left behind.

I’ll be honest. This blog post is something I’ve been wanting to keep close to my chest, and with hindsight, I actually have no idea why. Showing emotion and sharing thoughts can actually bring supporters/fans/clients etc closer to your brand or product and my hesitancy to share my fear of live streaming was something I didn’t particularly want to broadcast (no pun intended) with you because I saw it as some kind of weakness.

I now see things slightly differently.

Following THIS Facebook LIVE stream video not even two weeks ago at the top of a hill just outside of Durham, I said that nobody has time to watch forty or fifty minute live streams [like that time I live streamed from BBC Newcastle], and just this week, I decided to live stream from my first rehearsal for a forthcoming gig in August where I again thought that I’d test my theory and continue with trialing shorter live stream videos. Granted, it was a different style of live stream where I was performing a track instead of talking directly to the camera, but the results were very similar to the one I did at the top of the hill. Barely any interaction and not as many people seeing it.

*scratches chin… “mmm. Interesting”. more scratching of the chin*

On both the shorter live streams, I did it completely out of the blue, more or less, which meant people weren’t expecting it plus I hadn’t put the word out beforehand through my other social media accounts.

“I’m a perfectionist and a TOTAL control freak…”

The benefit, therefore, of a longer live stream is that some live streams don’t actually properly begin until maybe after ten minutes of hitting the button in an attempt to build an audience before properly getting into the stream itself. I’m seeing a large number of people on Facebook sitting in front of the camera with no real plan of what’s going to happen get a solid amount of views and interaction and it’s this which I’m struggling to understand. There are some variables though which I’m still very much experimenting with as I mentioned on my Snapchat story yesterday: the time you decide to go live (and how that works with different time zones across the world), the length of the stream itself, the subject(s) I live stream about, as well as how much notice you give people via your other social media accounts that you’ll be going live.

Now, all things considered, that’s a lot for me to plan, as well as working out when to live stream and when just a normal video is sufficient, but let’s get into the nitty gritty of why I still have… the FEAR.

With platforms such as Snapchat, if you mess up your snap, you can re-do it, get rid of it, pretend it never happened, and send a perfect snap to your story. With going live, you must accept that if you make mistakes, there’s no going back. This is why I get so nervous when I do live radio. Plus, when I get nervous, I do either (or both) of these things: 1) I talk very quickly, and 2) I ramble. You can now see why doing things live stresses me out and I’ve actually found out why. I’m a perfectionist and a TOTAL control freak. There you go. I said it. It’s out there. Everything must be meticulously planned and rehearsed to the point where one mistake can completely throw me. I also want to come across as being capable and that it looks like I’ve done this a million times before, except to get to that stage, it requires practice (and it’s the practice element which scares me too, except what you have to keep telling yourself is that people, over time, will see the development and growth of confidence, hence, growing with you on your journey). The thing is, no matter how confident I look on Snapchat or in my music videos for example, the fear of going live will seemingly remain because there’s no UNDO button.

That’s the same for everyone though so investing some time in YouTube tutorials is definitely the next step; taking that confidence from my other online activity and translating it into going live. I think the key is to not overthink it. Note to self. Just press the button.

What are your main tips for helping overcome the fear of going live? Have you gone live yet? If not, what has stopped you, and if you have, how is it working out for you? Get in touch via the comments and let’s talk about live streaming!

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Photo by Martin Sharman