WHARR 2020 Primary Endorsements

WHARR has chosen to endorse the following candidates because we believe that true, progressive representation is essential to our work of promoting the right to decide all aspects of one’s own reproductive health, including access to safe, legal abortions; the right to safe, economically secure pregnancy and parenthood; and the right to safety, health, and equal protection under the law, irrespective of one’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

The below engaged, community-focused representatives are vital to our mission.

Justin Cohen — New York Assembly District 56
As a fellow member of Get Organized BK, we have seen up close the work that Justin has done in his role as a leader of Racial Justice BK and a fierce ally of the Black Lives Matter and No New Jails movements. Justin’s voice is the anti-establishment voice we need to break the perpetuation of the status quo in Brooklyn and accomplish true, progressive change for New York. Justin’s forward-thinking stances on a host of pressing issues — including housing justice, criminal justice, and immigration justice — intersect with WHARR’s mission of promoting gender equity, securing everyone’s ability to parent in safe and sustainable communities, and ensuring access to reproductive health services, especially for those who need them most.

Diana Richardson — New York Assembly District 43
Diana Richardson has always put her constituents and community first, and when in her presence, you can feel the love. She is a fearless and tireless leader, who flouts the establishment machine to tell it like it is. Diana advocates for housing justice, funding for education, and criminal justice, and she shares WHARR’s outrage towards Crisis Pregnancy Centers (i.e. fake clinics) and their deceptive tactics. We hope to work closely with her in her next term.

WHARR: We promote gender equity, womxn’s health, and reproductive rights. We fight against anti-choice and other regressive policies that harm womxn’s health.

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