What do writers say, what do I think, and where do you start?

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It is not uncommon to read a book on writing that will preface itself with the idea that writing — and more specifically great writing — cannot be taught. It’s an attitude that I think stems from the misplaced idea that writing is a mysterious gift, one that bubbles up from some unknown place within the writer, which cannot be replicated or taught. You simply have that gift or you don’t. But it’s a strange attitude. Why is writing unlike any other skill, so mysterious up on its pedestal? The fact is, it’s not.

As much as writing is my…

80% of Millenials are ‘sometimes or always lonely’

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A lot of Medium articles are general advice or self-help, or someone telling you about how they’ve done this and that, and they’ve grown from it and they’re getting better, or they’ve solved their issues.

This is not that article.

Ever since the pandemic started, and my work life moved to being exclusively from home, my MFA program shifted online, I’ve noticed that my internet habits revolve around a revolving door of faux connection through social media notifications, youtube videos, and Reddit posts.

It doesn’t help and it’s getting worse. I feel like I’m constantly looking for something to entertain…

We all have questions

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The Cave

there’s a place at the centre of your heart

it’s deep and dark and never-ending

sometimes you get lost in there, lose your way

it’s reminiscent of a black hole, which is to say

it looks like nothing, is nothing, is a cavern, a cave

and when you’re lost you wander on into infinity,

you stumble, you fall, you drown in mauve dreams

of lust and love, looking for something in the dark

palming soggy bumps and sharp foreign edges

nowhere and nothing to know where’s up and where’s down

until you, by some miracle, a grace of god, a…

Without destroying your eCommerce ROAS

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In Facebook, both your audiences and your creatives will become exhausted over time. One of the best ways to combat this unfortunate reality of Facebook advertising is to always have fresh, high-performing creative on the stand by to revive your dying audiences.

Why do audiences become exhausted? Within every audience, there’s sub audiences. Say you have an audience size of 10,000,000 people. Within that audience you have a variety of sub audiences of, let’s say 10,000 people, who Facebook is quite confident, based on billions of dollars of data, that they will convert. …

An all-encompassing hegemonic masculinity

Photo taken by me of Picasso’s linocut series.

to walk backwards

into the future

to stick your hand

into the lines of time

feel it work its way

its soft strands

between wrinkled fingers

it moves in all directions

360 degrees of time

ceaselessly and without emotion

leaving us behind

through an illusion of causality

deterministic, be damned

one to two to three

the cause of me and you

a series of

unfortunately fortunate events

leaving all of us trapped

in a cycle of time

to live and to die

on our planet of rot

an island in our solar system

separated from ourselves

an all-encompassing

hegemonic masculinity

Correcting a common mistake new writers make

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Before reading ahead, here’s the exercise in plain english. Simply write out a personal anecdote. It doesn’t have to be complicated or exciting or unique. You can describe how you take a shower or the process of making breakfast this morning. That’s it. Tell it to yourself in a few hundred words, as if you were telling a friend over coffee. Don’t over complicate things and don’t over think it. If you want to make the writing “good,” go ahead. If you want to write it plainly, that works too.

Once you’ve written it you can come back to this…

Run out the clock before you cease

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I, The Subject, A Loyal Squire

run out the clock before you cease

find in death a lasting peace

stomp out those long unburied words

slip them between the novel’s crease

before your life’s work is deferred

don’t let your writing go unheard

with so little time left to burn

and still forevermore left to learn

keep to the page undeterred

nothing else should hold your concern

come to it with a certain fire

avoid the everyday quagmire

focus on the fun of action

poetry’s a playful little vixen

i, the subject, a loyal squire

Ian Canon is the author of It’s A Long Way Down…

A story of circularity

After Life: Death

As I sift through an ocean of junk — riding a wave of technological advancement thrown to the wayside, billions of burnt out batteries, hulking quantum computers, nano processors so small they verge on non-existence, self-regenerating plastics, memory coils expanding to infinity — I think of the humans.

It has been 742 years, 18 hours, 17 minutes, 42 seconds, 482 milliseconds and 146 microseconds since the last time they walked the earth, bumping organic elbows with metal, firing their illogical neurons towards fleeting fantasies of which I, C75821, an elder android, would never understand.

At the bottom of a heaping…

A storm rages and this steadfast course

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a storm rages —

and this steadfast course

now requires all of you

so raise your oars, men!

because today

your sea salted blisters shall run red.

and whether boy or captain,

we will share the dread

of this old weathered ship

or the sea gets fed

Ian Canon is the author of It’s A Long Way Down (2018) and Before Oblivion (2017). His second novel What We Do On Weekends is forthcoming. …

Cutting CPM by 20% will increase your revenue by 20%

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With the 2020 election looming, Facebook advertisers and e-commerce stores are going to continually see their ad costs go up as the date gets closer (if they haven’t already).

In June 2020, Trump spent nearly 6.6 million, and Biden 11 million, on Facebook ads directly. Indirectly, people will also try and cash in on hot news items for cheap clicks. From the 2016 election, there’s a famous story about Macedonian teens who used the election to share and advertise wildly popular fake news about Hillary Clinton in order to gain ad sense. This election cycle likely won’t prove any different.

What is CPM?

Ian Canon

Author of ITS A LONG WAY DOWN & BEFORE OBLIVION. MFA in Creative Writing, freelancer, novelist, poet, marketer, writer linktr.ee/thisisallcanon

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