A Day Striving to become MAD..!

I spent most of this Sunday at Springboard, Koramangla doing stuff that I would have considered completely nonsense a few years back. Thanks to a few friends, that’s no more the case.

Actually I never before considered the plight of children living in shelter homes, and how I have taken for granted most of the opportunities in my life.

It was a pleasure to be a part of MAD volunteer recruitment process, and it was quite fun too. MAD is Make A Difference, an organisation that works for the children in shelters across India. You can learn more about them here — http://makeadiff.in/.

Other than the time that was spent going through their engaging presentation at the start, or the interview round along with the demo technical round at the very end, there were many engaging rounds in between!

It felt as if I was understanding myself only while going through those rounds.

One such round was where I was allotted a group which had 4 other people, and we had to build a free standing balloon, as tall as possible. In 15 minutes.

The first 3 minutes were given to think of the design on an individual level. I came up with a pyramid shaped design, and later on only when two other members built a flower shaped design base, I realised that to be a much better idea. I will hopefully implement my idea at room itself tomorrow! :D

Then the major problem. I can’t blow a balloon. No issues, I thought. I will tie them. But boy, I tried to tie one balloon for around 2 minutes and yet I couldn’t do that.

Later on, I had this funny realisation that the cello-tape provided to us can be used to tie the balloon ends, and not just to tie different balloons together. Once that thought came, we were able to blow a lot of balloons quite quickly. And finally, a big relief that there was some contribution from my end.

A few things just went through my mind as the event came to its completion. Firstly, even small contributions of ours matter!!

The second one is a negative one. Basically, I always take pride in how good my communication skills are. But I rarely use them in social settings.

This thought had struck me quite a few times before. But this time, it was coming with an add-on spice. That when there was confusion in the group, I couldn’t even communicate my thoughts effectively. I wasn’t leading!!

Same thing happened with the event that happened before it. Forget about leading other people into bringing for a consensus, I wasn’t even participating and giving my suggestions on howcan we go on to we win the game!

I know this might look sort of micro-focussing on some random event from my life, but I have noticed in the past few years that it’s all recursive. What I was doing there is something what I am doing on a daily basis, not even knowing about that. And then it goes on to form my years, and eventually my life.

I say fluent communication is one of my core strengths. But not using my strengths effectively is just as bad as not working on my weaknesses!

While writing this, it just came to my mind that it all comes down to not making decisions. To not become a part of decision making process. And when I don’t make decisions, then someone else does it for me.

Sometimes it turns out to be very good, other times not so good. But effectively what’s happening is that none of my ideas are seeing the light of the day. Plus, since I am not communicating effectively in a social setting either, most of my contributions are not creating an impact. Impacts that I am capable of.

Let’s make those impacts happen. Let’s break the jinx. Let me make a decision to be decisive, to be a part of the decision making process, while keeping my ears open to all the wonderful suggestions!!

All in all, it was a wonderful interaction cum recruitment drive of MAD. Credits to all of their super-enthusiastic volunteers.

Excitingly hoping to become MAD soon!!