MADness in the Game of Survival

Last Sunday started with another MAD event, although weekend MAD events have become more of an amazing ritual nowadays.

It was, at its core, a session on leadership qualities. Although the sessions on giving proper feedback and “letting it go” were quite good, the star of the entire session, atleast for me, turned out to be a game — Game of Survival.

This game brought to the fore, so many of learnings for me. The rules were simple.

Four regions of a nation. One World Bank to help them out. Develop your regions to better the nation.

Only one glitch. Every team has to choose one of two options, A and B. Only if all the teams choose B, every region gets the profit. All the regions are at loss if everyone choose A.

What if some of them choose B? Well, they will be at loss, and their loss will be a gain for the other, making it a net worth for all equal to zero.

Any guesses on which team would have won after 10 rounds? All the teams were in debt. It was basically the World Bank who won. Damn man!!

To add spice to the game, after every few rounds, leaders of all the regions met to discuss their strategy that can lead to the gain for all of them. But damn, still the result was this.

I had a few takeaways for me from this game. Number one? Trust once broken, is hard to obtain.

And yet, someone has to take the initial extreme risk to build the trust in the initial stages of the game. So closely related to real life situations.

None of the teams did that. A big shout out to my team mates, who were really amazing in asking me to take those risks.

Second one? Highly coupled with the first one! Even though the end goal was to develop the nation, every region had the greed to have the maximum amount of money. Result? Debt for all. By the time the last round was going to happen, the World Bank had added another spice. Whatever you win or lose, it will be multiplied by 20 times.

I knew no one would take the risk to be the lone one to lose at this point of time, while everyone else gets their hand on such a huge amount. Yet, my teamates wanted me to go with the second option. I didn’t. Later on, I realized how foolish it was of me.

I, along with every other leader, had lost the sight of the goal. Our goal had turned to let no one win, when we are not winning. Alas, it was to develop the nation.

My teammates wanted me to take the losing risk, because they were in their right minds. Someone else would have won, but it wouldn’t have definitely been the World Bank.

Kudos to my team members!!

All in all, it was a really nice event. I am eagerly looking forward to the rest of the sessions. Hopefully, I would see many more MADsters in the next one.

See you all then! ☺