Why Motivation Is Shit

Hey, clickbaity title with a curse word. I hate how that works, but I do like this one.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation. Some people are highly motivated and can carry that high level of motivation for weeks, months and years. For me, hell no.

I’d like to think I’m in the norm, or somewhere in the middle when it comes to motivation.

I get insanely excited about going vegetarian and starting a new fitness routine — 3 months later I’m a carnivore and I’m winded after a mile.

I swear off alcohol for 2 weeks and start strong, but Sunday morning — fuck that hangover hurt.

Why can’t I stay motivated? Am I less self-inspired than others? Am I less dedicated?

Fuck Motivation

I’ve realized that motivation doesn’t mean shit.

Anyone can get excited about that fancy new workout fad, or a new meal plan. And does anyone actually remember their “New Years Resolution?” Come on, I’m waiting. It was something about a new and better you, with a lot of fancy plans and notes and to-dos and — well, you blew it.

I mean seriously. Motivation is terrible.

So I guess we’re all just screwed then. Right?


Motivation is shit, consistency is gold.

When we get motivated to change something in our lives we go all-out. We get excited, buy new things, change our routine, tell our friends, tell our moms, maybe even Tweet about it (I checked, Twitter is still a thing).

And then we slide off. We skip a few days in the gym. We don’t update our friends or mom on our progress. Your buddy asks how the vegetarian diet is going and you stop your hand from grabbing the beef jerky in your pocket.

“It’s going well, Jeff.”

And then you walk away — fuck that guy.

Just Do It

Nike has the greatest slogan of all time, and there is no better way to say it. Just do it.

So you fell off a few days, you can make them up. So you ate a piece of steak. You can go back to veggies only tomorrow and the next day.

It’s not the end of the world, but sometimes we treat it that way. We ride that motivation high and when it falters we’re crushed. We’re defeated, and it’s simple to throw your in the towel.

But just keep going. It’s worth it.

Consistency not Perfection

You need to allow for some sway. You need to be able to have a few days off. You need to be able to have your favorite meal, or go out with friends or just live.

We aren’t perfect. We don’t have to be. But we should all try to be a little more consistent.

We don’t want to miss out on our lives. Life gets in the way every day, and it eats your motivation and spits it on the floor like it’s nothing. But if you remain consistent and pick up where you left off then you’re still on the same path.

So What Now

Just keep with it. Sure, your friend Jeff will give you shit for not being a real vegetarian but fuck that guy.

Get excited about new things. And when your motivation dips, find a reason to keep going. And if you don’t have a reason — Nike slogan.

Also, Jeff is a dick anyways.