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Mar 20 · 4 min read

A New Curriculum Designed to Breach Education for All

The education industry is poised to undergo profound and necessary change.

Over the past 30 years, the world has evolved with more complexity than ever before. The driving force of this evolution is the Internet and the digital age of technological innovation. The global transformation has demanded people learn new theories and knowledge that simply did not exist three decades ago.

Our education systems, however, particularly K-12, have not kept pace. Stuck in the industrial age, US schools continue to teach content that is no longer relevant, using pedagogical methods that no longer benefit the evolved minds of young people. In many ways, the skills of a secondary-school graduate today are similar to the skills of a graduate 20 to 40 years ago, making education one of the few industries in the world where significant evolution has yet to occur.

Most K-12 institutions have modified their curriculum over the years, adding courses such as entrepreneurship and computer studies. Others have incorporated technology into the classroom, creating course websites or giving students laptops or tablets. While this should be viewed as a step in the right direction, this does not qualify as a significant evolution.

In the private sector, business leaders constantly rethink their operating model in attempts to stay relevant in the eyes of their customers. In education, this simply has not happened because consumer selection does not exist outside of private schooling. Imagine if schools thought of their students as customers and the success of the school was dependent on the customer experience? K-12 institutions are stuck in an ecosystem because of budget restraints, lack of knowledgeable staffing, and the rapid pace of technological advancement. These hurdles make significant evolution extraordinarily difficult and has impact on an array of societal and macroeconomic issues across the globe.

Insufficient improvements in basic skills, addressing the increasing rate of unemployed youth and high school dropouts, and the lack of progress in early childhood education are compelling enough for a new vision and approach to education.

Breach, formerly known as Notes For Life Arts & Technology, is leading the charge in educational disruption. Founded in 2014 and having since impacted over 500,000 K-College students, their vision is clear; education in 2019 and beyond requires the activation of creativity. “The educational experiences of both students and teachers shouldn’t be one-size fits all” states Tiffany Notch, Chief Operating Officer at Breach. “Classrooms were designed to have one focus point, the teacher. This was adequate when students needed to learn during the industrial revolution. Today, a student can pull out their cell phone, which in many ways, offers more immediate access to information than the teacher. In order to build a bridge that both the student and teacher can cross successfully, the focus must shift from simply teaching information, to instruction on how to create with the information learned.”

The bridge that Tiffany speaks of is cre8ivate, Breach’s experience-centered K-12 curriculum. The offering is one that equally empowers teachers, students, and communities through collaboration, real-world application, and multiple doorways to success as opposed to the outdated, one door only. Cre8ivate is unique as it introduces students and schools to area companies, creating a network of education, experience, and partnership at an early age. Students and teachers both are able to learn the operations of a particular industry first-hand which allows for a creative and fulfilling STEM-based classroom experience. With learning areas focused on environment conservation, infrastructure, smart health, business, public service, arts, and emerging tech, classrooms that introduce cre8ivate will find no shortage in student engagement and educational success. Breach developed the curriculum to not only empower schools that are operating with a healthy student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom, but also for those that are faced with larger than desired classroom sizes.

“When we started in 2014, our mission was to empower every student, everywhere through arts and technology education. Over the last almost 5 years, we’ve learned that students are more empowered when teachers have the tools, resources, and networks to be confident in the classroom” says, Chief Executive Officer, Ronnie Notch. “We’ve worked with and learned from great companies such as Microsoft, Apple, NGA, Disney, and others and one thing remains constant; creativity is the most sought-after skill during the hiring process. The activation and nurturing of limitless creativity is paramount to the lifelong success of students and our world. It is the job of Breach and other companies focused on the future of our youth to create accessible platforms that successfully disrupt education.”

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