Bring Your Heart To The Party

I started this blog to write about the fucked up world we live in. To rant about Monday, work, people, life, traffic, rush hour. Well, not anymore.
Cheer up people, I am only here to remind you of Santa Claus. If you don’t find him, drop me an email, or tweet to me, or leave a response below. I will find him for you. Don’t you worry.


I started the day by setting up everything for the launch of Awestrich’s new logo. Changing the whole website with new colours and typeface. Of course, I messed up a lot. Missed a whole lot of things which will be then pointed out to me by Rihen Ajmera, Sarah or a direct message on Instagram from Bansri (Summer Intern). Anyway, I (think I) have updated everything now. If you find something out of order, do let me know.


I might not be on the right track here because I don’t have that good of a memory. But Wednesdays are Newsletter Day so I design the newsletter on Tuesday. And this week, I suppose, I designed the best newsletter ever. By me. I played around with colours and stories and the most difficult part, the subject, came so easy to me. The newsletter is dedicated to everyone who has been a part of Awestrich in any form.

Experience photo — Parivartak: Social Reform Walk


Lit. antiSOCIAL Comedy nights are the best. I have been there before but this week was crazy. I haven’t seen so much crowd before. Neither in antiSOCIAL nor in Social. And it wasn’t just me, the staff was quite surprised too. And performers? Well, they killed it. If someone were to bet they can stop laughing for a minute straight, they wouldn’t be human. Or they won’t be alive.

antiSOCIAL, Khar, Mumbai


My cup of tea! I started my day while reading this intricately brewed blog, Assam Diaries: A Day at Majuli by Zahra Amiruddin. And I kept reading and then I kept reading about Zahra and I couldn’t stop. The author bio was short so I had to stop eventually. Then I wrote her an email and kept myself busy with work. Evening came but her reply didn’t (I don’t know who do I think I am!) so I sent her a message and was delighted to know that she read my email but was busy unpacking (as she arrived home that morning).
I won’t go into details. Move on. Long weekend is coming.


Podcasts? I’d try that out. That’s how it happened. I wasn’t even in the conversation. I was lucky to have Radiolab as the first recommendation. And after that I came across More Perfect, The Truth, The Heart and eventually the whole Radiotopia family and NPR. Few months ago, I started listening (and watching) Tiny Desk Concerts and just fell in love with music podcasts. And meeting Mae Thomas, host of Maed In India, an Indie Music podcast, this Friday at National Geographic Traveller Meetup, felt a little bit more connected to what I listen to.


I spent almost 12 hours in office. And I don’t feel tired. I feel creative. I look at the week in retrospect and am so happy. I look at all the notes I’ve taken. One loose paper and I have it all. Everything that is needed be it a note, a phone number, an idea, a task, a follow-up, it’s all there.
And when I look at it, I see what I need to see. There’s no confusion. It’s might be messy for everyone else but not for me!

Photo by Andrey Larin on Unsplash


I’m writing this blog, ain’t I?

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