5 Insanely Simple Product Photography Hacks for Etsy Sellers

These 5 product photo hacks will show you how you can actually optimize your product photos in order to get more sales and engagement on your listings for no extra cost!

Read the full post (with examples and more info) here: https://around.io/blog/5-insanely-simple-product-photography-hacks-you-should-try-right-now/

1. Put Call-to-Actions in your photos

The first thing a visitor to your shop/listing does is check out the photos on the listing. They don’t read titles or descriptions or look for tags. They just look at the photos first.

If you can “talk” to them right there, you’ve scored a point and made them stay on your listing — which increases the chance of a sale.

It’s a well known fact that CTAs (Call-to-action) words / buttons subconsciously encourage people to “act”. (Click Here, Read More, Subscribe Now, Buy now!)

You can use this fact and tweak your photos to include text on them. (Hat-tip to Jason of Etsy-preneurship for this trick!)

2. Put discount info on the photos

Instead of just encouraging visitors to do some action (like buy, or save, or bookmark), you can actually provide a psychological trigger to get them to make a purchase from you.


Put a surprise discount coupon on one of the photos.

3. Have a photo collage when you run out of image space

if you’re on places like Etsy — or if you want to break free of the boring old photos for your product images — you can try an age-old trick: a photo collage.

A photo collage can do two things:

  • give a new perspective for the viewer (because she can now see all the various angles of your product in a single image)
  • help you add a lot more photos of your product even if you run out of space

Both of these help your visitor have a better look at your product — and that’s always a good thing. It increases engagement and, eventually, sales.

Around.io has this collage feature that lets you create on-the-fly collages like this of your product images. You can then use the collage photo on social media to promote your item.

4. If you have variations, put them all in one image

Here’s a product photo tweak that most sellers don’t use: you can make a collage of all the variations of the product and put them up as another image. (or just take a photo with all of those variations in it)

Sure, the visitor can check out if the product has variations just by looking for the drop-down. But visual clues are far more powerful and easier to spot.

When you include a collage filled with all the variations of your product, the visitor stops at the image and takes a long look to see if some variation picks her interest.

5. Have a human element in it

When you are shown a gadget, it’s okay. But when someone shows you how the gadget is used, you have a clearer idea about it.

Having your jewelry worn by a real person and then photographed is like that. It gives a clearer idea about how the product looks (size, visual appeal, etc.) for the visitor.

Including a human element — a real person using/holding/wearing the product — adds that extra level of information that the visitor can use to decide on the purchase.

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