This One Twitter Trick Makes Me Cringe And Loathe Social Media “Experts”

There’s this Twitter trick that a lot of (self-proclaimed) social media experts speak about and advice their audience to use. It’s very simple and instantly applicable and shows immediate results.

Go to Twitter and follow a bunch of people from your niche every day. After about a week or so, use some tool to find out who has not followed you back and unfollow them.

This way, your Twitter follower count increases but you will still be under the acceptable follower/following ratio.

Nice, huh?

Well. Bullshit.

This makes me lose faith in the whole idea about social engagement. Look, marketing has to be done, I get that. But there are ways. Social media is virtual “make friends and influence people”. Following en masse and then unfollowing people who don’t follow you is so childish. And lame.

Why It’s A Trick You’ll Want to Use

The problem with these ethical things, however, is that the trick will be used because it’s a surefire way to increase your follower count. And most marketers want to just see that number boost because it’s a “metric” they can show. Something that they can feel proud of.

Hundreds and thousands of new social media marketers use this trick every day. Tools have been built around this so that you can find out which one of the people you follow doesn’t follow you back and you can swiftly unfollow them because that person isn’t worth your time, right?

And Why You Shouldn’t

True social media marketing is not marketing at all. It’s like that interface quote that goes, the best interface is no interface at all.

On Twitter, if you want to truly engage with people, you do things organically. It’s the same everywhere. Follow people that share wonderful stuff. Follow your friends who are into the same things as you are. Follow people who share interesting thoughts.

And you start the engagement. Retweet things you like and things you’d want other people to know of. Reply to tweets that evoke a response from within you. And most importantly, share stuff that you genuinely liked or made use of and want others to know of.

There will be some days when you don’t find something interesting enough to share, or retweet or reply to and that’s perfectly fine. Don’t force yourself to do the ugly marketing that these people are partaking of.

Sure, it will be a little late for true results to come in and you’ll most likely have less followers than these loud, noisy and vain social media marketers. But your followers are gold. They will know you, engage with you and respect you more.

Real Progress on Social Media is not A Number Game

As much as that Klout score is a good metric to help you measure your progress, it is not worthy enough to be a milestone. It’s just a metric, a number.

One million followers who do not know you and who don’t much care about you versus one thousand followers, everyone of whom knows you and cares about what you’re building/doing/sharing.

That’s real marketing. Because it’s no marketing at all. It’s building connections because you genuinely want to share value.

Let’s all be genuine in building connections. Not douchebags.

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