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From my vantage point, science should care about what you believe. I understand that reality is reality no matter what you believe in aka whatever your map is telling you, the territory is independent of it. Yet if we take the mantle of the “responsible citizen of Earth” and “truth seekers”, I guess we should care what you believe. This is to say that “reality independent of belief” is one thing, and we don’t all have the right to have false beliefs especially when those beliefs are able to be examined critically during the era you’re in.

I guess this presents us with two choices (a false dilemma???)

  • To adopt a militant way of defending science, ala Militant Atheism, and fight for reality.
  • To become like John Galt and his world-changing friends in Atlas Shrugged, whose method of teaching the moochers of the world, those who don’t do the work of examining the world critically, by hiding away and waiting until the world crumbles by itself.