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You gave an interesting point of view. I don’t know much about the exact evidence that supported “Evolution”, “Climate Change”, and “Pro-vaccine”, nor do I know the evidence that supported the other side; I’m only an ignorant man listening to scientists who I believe are much smarter than I am despite their flaws.

From what I gather in your comment, you seem to see that scientists, such as the said-to-be-acrimonious Richard Dawkins, make their views public not in an effort to educate people but to talk on and on about how they are better than those who believe doesn’t hold the same beliefs.

That tradition of mockery of others is not an exclusive domain of those scientists. People of all beliefs uphold the tradition for a long time and it is undoubtedly a feature of being human. That’s why I think if you feel slighted by those scientists, maybe it would be good to accept their apology.

An apology is only as strong as the subsequent degree of change in attitudes; true apology is in the actions not in words. Here’s wishing that people would do less shitting on others and more helping each other learn about the world.