Dorothy slippers, Quell & Wayfindr: Three For Friday

This week’s Three For Friday looks at the best digital ideas we've seen recently. Bit of brain fuel for you before the weekend…

Dorothy iSlippers

Washington based iStrategy Labs have produced Dorothy, a physical add-on to make any shoe ‘smart’. The connected device is powered by an Arduino micro-controller with a built-in Bluetooth chip, and a ‘trigger’ is activated by three clicks of the heel. The response from the clicks can be customised but prototype triggers include receiving a call, sending a template text to friends, or ordering a taxi via Uber. When the built-in accelerometer detects the clicks, it sends a signal to the connected phone via Bluetooth and the action is automatically taken.


Quell is a piece of innovative tech that works to relieve the wearer from chronic pain. It provides non-invasive pain relief by a method called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. this involves electrodes that are applied to skin and send pulses through nerves to reach the brain and release pain blockers in the spine. You can manage the device via an app that tracks sessions and sleeping to ensure the device is calculating an optimum level of relief in order to ensure 24 hour comfort for the user.


There is an estimated 9,000 visually impaired young people in London, and many of them have difficulties navigating the tube. Wayfindr is a smart phone app that detects Bluetooth beacons installed within an underground station in order to provide audible directions to guide the user through the station. The app is paired with bone conduction earphones that enable the wearer to still hear the sounds around them. It is currently being trailed at Pimilco, and we hope it’s enough of a success to be rolled out citywide, so everyone can travel without limits.

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