Voatz, Hong Kong Cleanup & Smart Bandage: Three for Friday

This week’s Three For Friday includes a digital voting system, Hong Kong Cleanup & a football shirt stock exchange.


It seems crazy that in this digital day and age, we still have to go through a very old-school barrier-filled process to vote in elections. Voatz is a Harvard start-up looking to revolutionise the whole system with the creation of a secure, global mobile voting and campaigning online platform.

Voters would be required to undergo comprehensive identity verification and use a biometric-enabled smartphone in order to participate in the remote, electronic voting. By making voting simpler and more accessible, they hope it will encourage younger voters to take part.

Currently trying to launch in the States, it won’t be up and running in time for our general elections next month, but surely things will have changed by 2019?

HongKong Cleanup

An anti-littering campaign in Hong Kong is using DNA analysis found on dropped items to make virtual renders of the faces of the offenders and display these across the city.

The renderings are based both on DNA found on litter samples as well as demographic information based on contextual clues such as the neighbourhood. Starting on Earth Day, the perpetrators faces have been posted on the Hong Kong transit system, social media, and in print.

Green organisation Hong Kong Cleanup are behind the campaign in partnership with Ecozine and The Nature Conservancy.


Foot-Trade is a web app from Brazil which adjusts the price of teams’ jerseys in real-time depending on the progress of each game — making shirts cheaper when teams are losing.

It was created by football statistics company Footstats, and converts stats including goals, corners and tackles into fluctuating jersey prices during matches.

Users begin by selecting which game they wish to follow: the jersey price changes during the match, going up if the team is playing well and down if not. Once the consumer decides to purchase a shirt they have 10 mins to complete their transaction at that price.

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