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The right mental health help for you, in seconds

If I’ve learnt anything about 2020, it’s that it doesn’t like plans.

For me, and I imagine for you also, the plans I spoke into the wishing well at the start of this year sunk to the bottom very very quickly. Some of us have lost loved ones. Others have lost jobs. All of us have faced new and unexpected challenges.

The events of 2020 have made me feel anxious, angry, overwhelmed and, at times, hopeless. I’ve wondered when it would end — or if it even would.

I know it’s okay for me to feel these things, but that doesn’t make feeling them any easier.

In these strange and stressful times, we’re not alone. There are people who are there to help. People who will listen and empathise. Who offer a non-judgmental and confidential ear. Who support you to navigate challenges, process tough feelings and feel connected and cared for.

Losing a job. Going through a break-up. Having flashbacks. Struggling at school. Moving town. Feeling overwhelmed. Thinking about suicide. Just needing to vent.

The compassionate humans on the other side of mental health helplines are ready for whatever you’re going through.

And now we’re making it easier than ever for you to connect with them.

Since our first paper prototypes for Find A Helpline, we’ve worked tirelessly to create an experience that reduces the barriers between you and meaningful help.

In a matter of clicks, you can tailor your search and find the right fit for you. Gone are the long and confusing helpline lists. Instead, helplines are presented in easy to understand cards, with all the information you need in one place.

Verified helpline data ensures no broken links, and reviews offer you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback — and encourage others to seek support too. We only include helplines that meet strict criteria, like being 100% free and available to everyone.

To begin, we’re launching Find A Helpline on our home turf in New Zealand & neighbour Australia. But within the coming weeks, we’ll expand to the Pacific, the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States, before tackling other languages.

Alongside the web app, we are also providing Find A Helpline as an embeddable widget for news media, social and wellbeing apps, and mental health organizations. It’s an all-in-one solution to connect users to free mental health help, in seconds.

At Live For Tomorrow, we want to live in a world where everyone receives meaningful help, when and where they need it. And we’re delighted to take this next major step towards the realization of that mission.

Find A Helpline now:

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Founder, Live For Tomorrow

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