According to research, 48% of Americans bought an item through resale last year, and while the resale market has grown overall, interest decreased in previously popular categories like apparel.


It’s no secret that more eyes are on the recommerce industry than ever before. While apparel-specific marketplaces are making headlines, the resale market is about much more than just clothes. Nearly half (48%) of Americans purchased items from a resale marketplace last year and one in five adults used OfferUp in 2020. …

From Natalie Angelillo, OfferUp’s Vice President of Community and Communication:

Before the pandemic, OfferUp had a strong work-from-office culture. We had a couple of hundred employees who came to work in person every day at our Bellevue HQ and another 40ish who worked together in our Miami office. In reaction to the rapidly escalating health concerns across the nation, and to keep our employees safe, we decided to close our physical offices and convert to an indefinite period of working from home.

Our office culture at the time and our interpersonal values reflected the ethos of our product and our…

This year has been unlike any other in the past.

The American identity is rooted in the concept of community, and prosperity for our buyers and sellers has always been at the core of our mission and vision.

So through all of the ups and downs of 2020, the surprises, the pain, the trials, the learnings, and the successes, I am filled with renewed energy for our vision — which is to help people connect and prosper. …

Here’s everything you need to know about our latest update

We’re excited to announce that we have a brand new experience waiting for you when you update your OfferUp app. With all-new features and millions of new items added, we know you’ll love everything our new app has to offer.

A look at the top trends driving holiday shopping this year, according to new OfferUp data

People are buying and selling on resale marketplaces more than ever this year. At OfferUp, we’ve seen new trends surface in 2020 as people turned to resale to create functional home offices, outfit their home gym, or buy hard-to-find items to keep themselves entertained (cue puzzles!) Others embraced decluttering and selling items they didn’t need to supplement their income during this challenging year.

With the busiest shopping season upon us, we surveyed OfferUp buyers and sellers to see how they are approaching holiday shopping and gifting during this most unusual year. …

Alejandro Poggi (far left) with some of his fellow graduates of Ironhack Miami

OfferUp and Ironhack are teaming up to empower and provide underrepresented creators with the tools they need to turbocharge their careers.

After Alejandro Poggi graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Computer Science, he knew he wanted to enter the tech industry and become a creator of tools to help his community. Still, he wasn’t sure that he had the skills necessary to make the right impression with the top-tier tech companies in his city. “I started my career doing finance automation at a private bank, but I wanted to dig deeper into application development. I knew…

A look at the state of the neighborhood in America based on new data

At OfferUp, we believe we are only as strong as our communities and the relationships we create within them. That’s why being neighborly is one of our core company values, and it’s also why every year, in honor of National Good Neighbor Day, we take a closer look at how people are connecting and relating with their communities.

Our 2020 Good Neighbor Day Report includes data from our more than 20 million monthly buyers and sellers. …

As a company that fosters local connections at a national scale, we are firm believers that an engaged community is a healthy community.

A healthy community is one where everyone is treated like a neighbor and welcomed for their differences. We believe we all have a part to play to ensure our communities are happy, healthy, and engaged. One of the best things you can do for your community is to be an active voter, ready to represent your perspective at the polls for local and federal elections.

To support our communities, we’ve joined the Civic Alliance, in partnership with…

Today we announced that we’ve combined OfferUp and letgo into a single marketplace with the new OfferUp & letgo app. This combination creates an improved experience that brings together millions of buyers and sellers across the nation.

Available to download today in the App Store and Google Play Store, the combined OfferUp & letgo marketplace has even more deals, and more buyers and sellers for a bigger, better community. Plus, everyone now has access to nationwide shipping, industry-leading safety programs like TruYou & Community MeetUp Spots and listings that never expire.

To access the combined marketplace, letgo users will need…

Check out the video below to learn from Courtney Roberts-Lawes at Gubagoo and Lizz Callaway at OfferUp about how both companies are helping auto dealers innovate their businesses and drive sales by using mobile and online marketplaces.

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