My Journey into CICO and Intermittent Fasting

My Relationship with Weight

Peak Francis vs. Fat Elvis Francis

Before I knew it, I was in my 40s and married with children. I packed about 40 lbs in a span of 20 years. I couldn’t remember the last time I could wear a dress shirt with the top button fastened.

I’ve never had aversions to physical activity when the opportunity presented itself. …

The Promote team at Acquisio simply can’t get enough of Slackbot’s automatic responses. Here are some of my favorites, some custom-made by yours truly.

When it’s that time during the day:

“coffee time”

When we have no blockers:

Video game designers must teach the player to play the game while keeping them engaged enough to master it.

I recently wrote a post about similarities between screenwriting and app design. I posit that the hero is the user, and it is the screenwriter’s job to employ narrative devices to transform the hero from helplessness to mastery.

While the similarities may seem buried in narrative tricks of the trade, the similarities between video game and app design is much more apparent. …

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides an excellent framework for speaking to candidates in a way that goes beyond regurgitating HR platitudes.

In order to attract talent, you must first understand human beings. Bear with me while I state the obvious, but it seems like HR has forgotten this fact, not unlike when The Learning Channel became TLC. Something just got lost in the acronym.

Something just got lost in the acronym.

Despite its shortcomings, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides an excellent framework for speaking to candidates in a way that goes beyond regurgitating HR platitudes. …

After years of listening to movie podcasts (/Filmcast and The Dissolve are currently my favourites), I recently realized that screenwriting and app design share many similar elements.

This realization first came to me as I struggled with designing a feature that contradicted the product’s vision. “Kinda like when Zack Snyder’s Superman ostensibly inflicted a terrorist attack on Metropolis”, I thought.

What startups don’t realize about parents is that sometimes they’d rather be working, so there are perks beyond flex time that employers should also consider.

Many startups have perks to attract talented workers so long as they’re not parents.

“I’ve seen some of what I would call hero culture, where people are doing 20 hours a day to get this or that done at all costs.” [...] “When people have kids, they have other priorities — and start-ups can be pretty brutal about not having other priorities.”

The overworked employee is problem that also affects the gaming industry and the…

Climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy theorists. What do have in common? They’re names that have been created or appropriated in order to demonize and discredit those who uphold a particular belief. For better or for worse, such names have taken a foothold in our minds.

Today I’d like to introduce the idea of the anti-flexxer employer. Such employers don't believe in work-life balance despite evidence that flexible hours are not only good for employees but for employers as well:

But despite the numbers, companies are hesitant to implement flexible hours. In the conducted by the Society for Human Resource…

I think joining in HR is admirable. It’s like becoming a teacher, full of promises of shaping minds and institutions!

But if I may temper your notions, I suggest reading the oft-discussed Why We Hate HR:

After close to 20 years of hopeful rhetoric about becoming “strategic partners” with a “seat at the table” where the business decisions that matter are made, most human-resources professionals aren’t nearly there. They have no seat, and the table is locked inside a conference room to which they have no key. HR people are, for most practical purposes, neither strategic nor leaders.

This “seat…

Recently, Fast Company published an article asserting that resumes are worthless, and that traditional resumes need to die.


If you’re hiring a neurosurgeon, the resume is what easily separates the neurosurgeons from the financial analysts.

Resumes are a critical part of the very first steps of the hiring process. They give you some insight into whether or not the candidate can do the job, which is one of the key questions you need to answer as a recruiter.

That said, beyond the hyperbolic and link-baity assertion of the article — come on Fast Company, you’re better than this! —…

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