Is Your Employer an Anti-Flexxer?

Climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy theorists. What do have in common? They’re names that have been created or appropriated in order to demonize and discredit those who uphold a particular belief. For better or for worse, such names have taken a foothold in our minds.

Today I’d like to introduce the idea of the anti-flexxer employer. Such employers don't believe in work-life balance despite evidence that flexible hours are not only good for employees but for employers as well:

But despite the numbers, companies are hesitant to implement flexible hours. In the conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, only 38% of employers allow some of their employees to work from home regularly, while 43% of employers allow for compressed work-week schedules.

And it’s not only about flex time. Some employers are anti-telecommuters. Some are even mother-deniers. Paid-overtime-shunners. Anti-personal-lifers.

Employers have long imposed outdated and harmful work policies onto their employees despite the evidence of beneficial alternatives. It’s time to point a finger at them.

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