Promote Loves Slackbot Responses

The Promote team at Acquisio simply can’t get enough of Slackbot’s automatic responses. Here are some of my favorites, some custom-made by yours truly.

When it’s that time during the day:

“coffee time”

When we have no blockers:

“i feel great”

When we make changes directly on the master branch:

“do it live”

When we merge a branch to master:

“merge to master”

When we insist someone should do it:

“stiller do it”

When we push code to the repo:

“push it real good”

When we create a pull request:

“pull request”

When the Giphy command returns something seemingly random:

“really giphy”

When we understand and agree:

“roger roger”

When we have good news:

“good news everyone”

When we have to fill out timesheets using Replicon:

“stupid timesheets”

When things escalate quickly:

“that escalated quickly”

When we eventually agree to something:

“no maybe yes”

What are your team’s favorite Slackbot responses?

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