You should write a story about the harassment men get for being men.
Homa Sapien

I wrote one before:

“I’m 9 years old my sister’s older friends are grabbing and me stuffing me in their bosom, I have no idea what is going on.

I’m 14 in highschool minding my own business, a fat black girl smacks me on the ass then blows me a kiss.

I’m 14 again in highschool the fat black chick from before grabs at my dink and then asks me if I’m feeling nervous.

I’m 18 in college walking back from a party clearly intoxicated going to my dorm, a group of clearly gay men judging by their effeminate voices, try to lure me back with them as one of them in the back suggests “no don’t do it it’s wrong” in whispers.

I’m 20 years old, I remember going back to my dorm, me and my roommate decide to have a little nightcap and listen to music, alone in our dorms we do a power hour, next thing I know I wake up next to some fat girl on my bed having sex with me that I never met before, I remember climbing into bed and falling asleep, I later find out that this fat girl went home with one of my floor mates but saw me and SNUCK into my room while i was sleeping and forced herself onto me.

I’m 21 dancing shirtless at a beach bar, a girl comes up to me and rubs my abs, she is insanely unattractive and I don’t want anything to do with her, she follows me around all night grabbing at me and trying to grind on me despite how painfully direct I am when I tell her to fuck off.

I’m 22 taking public transport, some obese lady sits down next to me and starts massaging my thigh, I look at her with disgust.

I’m 22 standing in line at CVS, one of the gay employees smacks me on the ass, I’m debating whether or not i can punch him in the face and knock him out, but I realize I would get in trouble despite the fact he sexually harassed me.

I’m 24 I’m walking back from the gym, a group of fat black girls cat calls me and tells me to ‘hold up”.

I’m 16 at a party, some girl spilled her drink on me, she gets her boyfriend to try to attack me and we end up in a fist fight

i’m 18 at my fraternity party, some guy is causing trouble, I try to escort him out and then get attacked by 3 other guys and a brawl breaks out. This happens at least another 10 times throughout my college career.

I’m 22 in a bar trying to get a drink in line, some girl says to her boyfriend “that guy is creepy” and the guy drags me outside to fight him and his boys my night ends and we both get kicked out I get separated from my group of friends.

Your shit is tame. Women are the ones grabbing pussy”

in response to ””””””””pussy grabbing by trump”””””””