This Is Not Justice
Omari Akil

This isn’t even original, you stole this from a tweet.

Next you would have to be out of your mind to think this rape witchhunt isn’t solely targeting whites when blacks commit 33% of all rape, aka 6% responsible for 20k rapes a year.

The above “victim” was high on PCP and not following orders reaching into his car, and the other “victim” was waving a gun around. It is doubtful he could even read so it sure as shit wasn’t a book. You blacks are so insecure that’s why you make up this evil white racist, but in reality, black people are safer at a Klan rally than a white guy is in a black neighborhood.

Even with Oblunder pardoning hate crimes that are black on white, blacks STILL commit the MOST hate crimes. Enough with your racism black people.

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