As a whole, I love this article.
Alexandra Baker

This is one of the most thoughtful comments left on my Medium page I can recall. I went back and re-read what I wrote to see if I’d missed something!

So, I agree with you. Not everyone chooses that path as a validating ends. Most people, I would assume, choose it for reasons unrelated to validation. We are in lock-step.

What I was saying when I went on my “Fun Fact" horse was *I* did. I felt as though I was finally *ready* or *enough* for it. And that was, in retrospect, unhealthy, and a lapse in my core values.

I expanded on that general thought in my next piece, published yesterday: “You Don’t Deserve Love.”

Thank you for reading and for your astute wisdom, and also congrats for having a happy and healthy relationship!

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