10 Badass Female Sports Campaigns That’ll Inspire You To Get Moving

By Faith Christine Lai

The 2015 Women’s World Cup has just begun. It’s an event that celebrates a facet of sports sometimes overlooked — women! To commemorate this important event in the world of athleticism (and badassery), here are 10 awesome female sporting campaigns that have made waves.

  1. This Girl Can

Developed by Sport England, #thisgirlcan crushed the misconception of sports being confined to a certain type of person by celebrating active women all over the country regardless of their appearance, age, or ability.


2. Like A Girl

With more than 50 million views worldwide, Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign kickstarted in June 2014, showing that negative perceptions about female strength and ability are not inherent.


A sequel in 2015 took a more lighthearted slant, with female athletes across the world showing off their stuff (just #likeagirl)!


3. Game Face

Women’s clothing brand Wildfang teamed up with Andrea Corradini, inviting young female football players in Portland, Oregon, to show off their ‘game face’. With absolutely no photoshop or styling, over a dozen girls showed up to the photoshoot, producing a stunning set of photographs.

4. Better For It

In contrast to the typical brand of motivational sports commercials, Nike’s #BetterForIt campaign humorously shed light on the everyday woman’s insecurity, struggle, and triumph in their fitness journeys.

5. I Will What I Want

From supermodel Gisele Bundchen to relatively unknown pro female athlete Sloane Stephens, Under Armour’s August 2014 campaign also focused on encouraging female athletes believe in themselves, ignore naysayers, and overcome adversity.


6. Sieze Every Advantage

It wouldn’t do to celebrate the Women’s World Cup without featuring this advertisement featuring American soccer player Abby Wambach. Celebrating Abby’s strategy, prowess, and strength on the field, it’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t be stirred up by this 30-second commercial.


7. From Where I Run

Ditching the norm of using pro athletes in sports advertisements, Adidas turned to every day female athletes brought together by the love of running to showcase their sports products.


8. In The Game

It finally happened — women’s national football teams will now be playable in the highly anticipated FIFA 16. This advertisement, featuring both real and animated versions of top female soccer players, drives the point across firmly: female athletes are in, and in to stay.


9. If You Let Me Play

This Nike commercial may be 20 years old, but as one of the most pivotal Nike commercials in history, its message about the benefits of girls and young women playing sports is still extremely relevant today.


10. Strong Is Beautiful

Short and sweet. This series, with just 30 second long clips, feature 3 of the world’s best tennis players — each with a powerful message to share.


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