10 recent injuries that rocked the sports world

  1. Well this sucks. Just when we thought we could see the reunion of Suarez, Evra and Chiellini in the UCL final.

2. Is the Cleveland curse at work again? Cause Kyrie Irving just got injured and is set to miss the rest of the NBA Finals.

3. Kevin Love will not be alone in setting his sights on next season now that Kyrie Irving is injured.

4. AFL star Chris Judd has an ACL rupture and may unfortunately be forced into retirement.

5. A fan is in critical condition after being struck by a broken bat at Fenway Park.

6. Earlier in the week, Tennis fans at the French Open were also injured when a scoreboard fell on them.

7. A falling scoreboard couldn’t stop Georgia Page. She got her nose broken but got up, made a crunching tackle and cleared the ruck.

8. Sometimes, you got to listen to your body and when it tells you it needs a break, you best listen.

9. And sometimes, the mental scars never leave you. Craig Kieswetter is calling time on his cricket career after copping a nasty bouncer in the face.

10. While we wish all the above stars and fans a speedy recovery, we have some words of warning for the Djoker, be careful what you wish for.

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