10 Spine Chilling Moment in Sports

By Alden Ch’ng

Sometimes we replay a video clip over and over again, to confirm what we saw was real. These moments are so unbelievable that they send a surge of electricity down our spine. In this list, we cover 10 such moments.

1) The Haka — New Zealand Vs France (World Cup Quarter Finals)

Imagine staring into the face of 15 angry hulk-like men just before battle. If that doesn't scare the crap out of you, I'm not really sure what will. The Haka, is a native war dance that is performed before battle by the Maori people in New Zealand. Today this war ritual is performed by the All Blacks as they stare down their opponent before the game. This doesn't just send shivers down our spine, it scares the crap out of us.

2) 2008 Beijing Olympics Swimming Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay (USA)

The French team said that they were “going to smash the Americans” and nobody believed that the Americans were going to be able to win the event. With the odds stacked against the US, the race commenced and despite taking an early lead, the Americans quickly fell behind. But in the last 50m, Jason Lesak stunned the world by pulling the US from behind, to take the Gold in a nail-biting finish. While the French were shell shocked and looking for a place to bury their head, we were screaming in excitement thinking “did that really just happen?”.

3) Kim Yuna’s 2010 Winter Olyimpics World Record Breaking Performance

Imagine the weight of the nation upon your shoulders. At the tender age of 20, she had the nations hope pinned on her back. The pressure is enough to send anyone to an asylum. But in this heart wrenching performance, you could feel Kim Yuna’s emotions through her act. You could feel your own heartstrings being pulled, as you watch tears of joy roll down her cheeks when she completed the routine to win Gold. Hang on while I wipe my tears away…

4) Usain Bolt’s Incredible 100m at the Beijing Olympics

100m isn’t necessarily a far distance, but it can change a mans life. Usain Bolt’s performance in the Beijing Olympics smashed his competition, and utterly destroyed what we thought was humanly possible. Bolt even found the time to showboat before the race had ended. We were left wondering, who on earth is this superhuman and what will he do next.

5) “You’ll Never Walk Alone” 2005 Istanbul Champions League Final

Sometimes it’s the athlete, sometimes it’s a play, but sometimes it’s the fans. And there isn't a bigger stage than the Champions League Final. Unfortunately for Liverpool, they were down 3–0 at half-time and the team’s morale was at an all-time low.

But despite their team trailing, the Liverpool supporters continued to sing the famous “You’ll Never Walk Alone” anthem. A fitting song for the occasion that day. When the players came back to the pitch, they looked like an entirely different team. They looked possessed by the song, and went on to win the match. It wasn't just the players playing that day, the supporters were there as well, singing a song that sends chills down our spines.

6) David Beckham’s Goal against Greece (2001)

England’s golden boy had a bad reputation when he earned a red card in a crucial World Cup match against the Argentinians. The English media were calling for his head (Not literally), and another mistake from the golden boy would have resulted in fire and brimstone falling on his house.

But on this day, when all the other English players were nowhere to be seen, David Beckham played like a real captain, as he wrote his name into the history books by sending a last minute free kick into the back of the net against Greece and ensuring qualification into the World Cup.

7) Michael Jordan’s “Last Shot” (1998)

Michael Jordan sent shock waves around the world when he made a dramatic last minute buzzer beater to seal the 1998 NBA finals championship for the Chicago Bulls. With the score 85–86, the Bulls needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. And Jordan delivered a superb 2 pointer to take the game. This will always be remembered as the “last shot”, because it was literally the last shot Michael Jordan ever had in an NBA game for the Bulls. And nobody, I repeat nobody, has forgotten this shot till this day.

8) Matthias Steiner Emotional Gold Medal performance (Beijing Olympics 2008)

Not many people have heard of this bear-like man. But underneath his hulk like exterior lies the heart of a loving husband. Before the 2008 Olympics, Steiner’s wife passed away in a fatal car accident. Devastated, Steiner was at a crossroad. To continue weightlifting or to stop completely. He decided to push through and had his sights on the Olympics.


Burning with motivation after an emotional prep talk with his coach, he decided to lift a weight which surpassed his personal best. And in that few seconds of pure insanity, he broke through the pain barrier to take the Gold. Tears filled his eyes as he dropped the weights, knowing that he had done his late wife proud.


9) Karri Strug’s one footed Vault

Even with a full-abled body, most of us would be pretty bad at gymnastics. But Karri Strug had to land a perfect routine with one. In the 1996 Olympics, Karri Strug injured her ankle in her first attempt at the vault. She had to perform perfectly in the next jump to secure the gold. Limping and struggling, she ran and executed a perfect jump briefly landing on two feet before hopping to her only good foot. A performance nobody believed was possible.


10) Andy Murray Vs Michael Llodra (Australian Open 2012)

4 amazing plays between these two players set this game as one of the most entertaining matches seen in modern tennis. Each play got the crowd on their feet due to some phenomenal shots produced by these two superstars. Words cannot express the thrill, so take a look at the video above.


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