10 Things Singaporean Sports Fans Say

By Alden Ch’ng

Who says Singaporeans have no identity? Some of the things we say can only be heard on this island. Check out what are some of the common expressions used by Singaporeans watching a sports game.

  1. “Eh why he so lousy one? I can kick better than him lor!”

A classic expression that Singaporeans will use to comment on a bad performance from an individual.

2) “Sia la, that guy dam strong/good”

A remark that is made when there is an unbelievably good player playing.

3) “ehhh that team got chio bu annot ah?”

This question usually pops up after the first 5–10 mins of the game. If there happens to be a “Chio Bu” playing, all eyes will be on her. This also applies to females looking out for hot guys.

4) “REF KAYU!!!!!!!”

Usually said in anger in response to poor decisions made by the referee.

5) “GG la, balik kampong”


Balik Kampong literally means return back home. This expression is also used in sporting events by Singaporeans to signify the end of the game, when they give up on their team and as an insult to the opponents asking them to go back home.

6) “woah the other team supporters dam noisy sia! Can ask them to shut up annot?”


An angry comment made by a Singaporean when they are annoyed at the enthusiasm of the opposing team supporters. Also means that this Singaporean is out numbered by the opposing supporters.

7) “Don’t worry team! Idea, idea.”


A common remark made by players and supporters alike. This phrase suggests that the player(s) tried to do something special but ended up making a big mess out of it.

8) “Aiyo, looks painful sia. Is it painful annot? Poor thing.”


When a nasty accident happens or when someone gets injured. This expression is usually used by girls.

9) “What happened???? Tell me what happened? I never see!”


This sentence comes out when something happens and an individual is not paying attention to the event. For example, one of the teams might have scored and the supporters reacted with cheering. Unfortunately there will always be that one person who was not paying attention and will constantly bug everyone to tell him or her the events that just took place.

10) “Do you have umbrella annot? Very hot leh”


Ask any Singaporean going to watch a game and one of the first things on their packing list is an umbrella. Rain or shine, the umbrella is the Singaporean’s favourite item.

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