10 Unique Runs to Sign Up for in Singapore

By Yasmeen Munira

The number of running competitors in Singapore has increased tremendously, which is pretty much why we see more races taking place over the last few years. Personally, I’m a pretty huge running buff and I love runs that add their own little twist. What about you? If you ever want to take up a different kind of running challenge, you could try one of these 10 unique runs!

  1. The Music Run

Ever had a really amazing song playing on your iPod and you’re dying to let everyone else around you groove to the same beat? With The Music Run, you now can! Held on the 11th of April by AIA, runners partied it up with some of the hottest hits of today. With tracks like ‘Bang Bang’, ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ and ‘Animals’, you’re bound to get that adrenaline pumping across the 5km stretch. What’s even better is that everyone gets hyped listening to the same music blasting out from 100 speakers! What better way to get everyone together right?

2. Meiji Run


At the 5km Meiji Run in May, runners weaved through a maze made of more than 130,000 off-specification Meiji plain crackers. What’s more, they had to wade through a pool of Meiji “Yogurt” which was really just a water-cornstarch mixture. Not too sure about the most ‘delicious race’ but hey, I wouldn’t complain if I could sneak in a couple of bites or two while I run.

3. DC Justice League Run


Run like the wind and fly like your favourite DC superheroes this coming August in Sentosa! In this first ever Justice League Run held in Singapore, runners will experience the thrill of completing the race with mascots like Batman and Superman to cheer them on from the sidelines. I believe this run is suitable for both children and adults alike. You can even dress as your favourite superhero or form a team to race for the title of the Fastest Hero of the Year!

4. Race the Dead


Run amongst the living dead this August! If you’re one of those who needs a little bit of motivation to get moving, you’re just in luck. With these zombies breathing down your neck, you’re bound to want to sprint past them! Who knows, you might even end up clocking your fastest timing yet.

5. Hello Kitty Run


Themed runs are always alot of fun, especially when organizers go all out to make the event a memorable one! The Hello Kitty run organized by Pink Apple was no less. Don’t get a shock when you spot a sea of runners dressed in pink running pass you. The goodie bags distributed certainly drew the crowd in as well. Who wouldn’t love Hello Kitty merchandizes am I right? (those who queue up at MacDonalds know exactly what I’m talking about)

6. Green Corridor Run


The Green Corridor Run has sold out over the last couple of years and it’s apparent why! With it’s unique nature trail which starts off at the historic Tanjong Pagar Rail Station and end at Bukit Timah Rail Station, runners immerse themselves in nothing but greenery. Despite the humid climate, running the Green Corridor sure does take away the pain of having to run under the hot sun. This is one race that calls out to nature lovers everywhere!

7. Color Run


The Color Run could quite possibly be coined the happiest run on the planet. Taking after the Indian festival Holi, runners gather to create a great colourful mess! What’s not to love about a run filled with sweat, love, music and dance? The experience is really like no other and you should be sure to try it at least once in your life!

8. Illumi Run


This is definitely an event I’m signing myself up for. This event is not just for runners, it’s for dancers and party-goers as well! At this glow water and music party, runners have a blast with Illumi glow water along the route and find themselves creating a beautiful spectacle towards the finish line. The run even consists of Illumi Glow Zones where runners will run and dance their way through different themed music zones all while getting splashed with neon glow water. And to finish off, a mega Illumi party with DJ’s to keep your adrenaline pumping!

9. Skechers Electric Run


Skechers Electric Run is the World’s Premier Night-time run/walk where runners experience light and sound that transports them into an electric wonderland. Runners are given glow sticks, LEDs and everything else that could possibly light up for a fun filled night. And of course, the run ends on a high note with a huge party thrown for all party-goers to gather and dance the night away!

10. The 5K Foam Run


Runners not only go through obstacle courses, they go through them with a huge blobs of foam! The brightly coloured inflatables have just the right amount of challenge suitable for adults and kids. It is a really great family bonding activity that you and your loved ones should take part in!

So which have you taken part in? Or better yet, which runs are you going to sign up for?

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