2 Minute SportsFeed: The Top Sports Content Everyone’s Talking About Today (20 April 2015)

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1)Aston Villa defeated Liverpool 2–1, shattering Steven Gerrard’s dream farewell:

2) Lewis Hamilton triumphed at the Bahrain Grand Prix, over Kimi Raikkonen:

3) Liam Livingstone crushes cricket World Record 350 from just 138 balls:

4) And we all chuckled at this ‘hug’ compilation of Manchester United’s Juan Mata:

HT: The Mirror

5) Take a moment of silence to appreciate the goal that 8 years ago, today, established Lionel Messi as one of the greatest footballers of his time…

6) …As well as Derrick Rose’s indomitable strength and courage in returning to the NBA despite his history of tribulations:

7) The ball got stuck to Jon Lester’s glove when he was trying to make an out at first base — so he threw the whole glove!

8) We’re totally mesmerised by this gif of MotoGP world champ Marc Marquez braking skillfully at a corner…

9) As well as this short video compilation of all of Kevin Love’s phenomenal outlet (touchdown) passes for the 2014–2015 season:

10) Finally, there have been some murmurs pushing for Britt McHenry’s indefinite termination after her infamous on-video rant. Do you agree with them?

Whatever does happen, we’ll always keep you updated.

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