8 celebrities getting their Yoga Zen on

An age-old practice originating from India, yoga has slowly, but surely, made its way into mainstream popularity. Not a believer? Check out your favourite celebrities getting their yoga groove on and maybe you’ll be convinced by them!

Miranda Kerr

Australian super model Miranda Kerr has a secret for keeping her svelte figure — LOTS of yoga! She starts her morning off with 20 minutes of yoga, which gives her that natural morning glow. There’s no need for caffeine for this lady!

Robert Downey Jr.

Hollywood’s resident bad-boy-turned-good, Robert Downey Jr. has found a new addiction — yoga! The star of films such as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes practices yoga on a daily basis, and credits the turnaround in his career to his new practice.

Jennifer Aniston

How exactly does Jennifer Aniston keep herself looking so fantastic despite being in her 40's? You guessed it — yoga! Her fitness regimen includes intensive yoga sessions thrice a week. It’s no wonder she’s still turning heads at her age!

Adam Levine

Now here’s a name you wouldn’t expect to see associated with yoga! The Maroon 5 frontman is so devoted to the practice, he keeps a room backstage solely for yoga whenever he’s on tour! That’s not the end of it though — his instructor travels with the band whenever they’re on tour! That’s dedication right there.

Vanessa Hudgens

High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens is another celebrity that’s caught the yoga bug. Picking up the activity after the filming of the drama Gimme Shelter, she credits yoga as the activity that kickstarted her fitness obsession.

Russell Brand

A former partyboy, with a penchant for drugs and alcohol, Russell Brand has traded in the needles and jugs for mats and meditation. He begins each day with a session of meditation and yoga — which he refers to as ‘a shower for the brain’. Talk about a lifestyle change!

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum might have passed the big four-o a couple of years ago, but she barely looks a day over 30. How does she keep her shape, while juggling a career and four kids? Simple — good dieting, and loads of yoga!


62, but still going strong. That pretty much sums up Sting in a sentence. The musician, who started practicing yoga in 1990, attributes his high energy levels and current physical condition to his eating habits and constant yoga sessions.

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