Haters Gonna Hate — Football Tweets Edition

Footballers are humans too. Contrary to popular beliefs, footballers have feelings and emotions too. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the public from tweeting them mean messages. (Haters gonna hate, amirite?)

For this list, we check out 10 mean tweets posted by the public.

  1. Ashley Young

If you didn’t know, Ashley Young received the bomb from a passing bird. This tweet just blows it up to another level.

2) Gareth Bale

Unfortunately Gareth Bale’s facial features seem to have some resemblance to that of a monkey.

3) Nicklas Bendtner

Poor Bendtner… He can’t seem to escape from the “Lord” jokes.

4) Cristiano Ronaldo

A man has got to do what a man has got to do right? Even if it means promoting shampoo!

5) Harry Kane

Well someone obviously doesn’t like Harry Kane very much..….And has really bad English.

6) Lovren

Lovren, Lovren, Lovren. His time at Liverpool has been absolutely shocking. I think what he needs is some confidence, not more abuse. What do you think?

7) Mario Balotelli

Yeap Super Mario reference, real classy.

8) Raheem Sterling

Aww, hey give him a break! He’s only 20 years old.

9) Luis Suarez

I guess Liverpool and Barcelona are complete fools for ever having him in their club.

10) Jack Wilshere

It’s never nice when you are injured you know.

Let’s all try to be a tad bit nicer to the footballers. Even to those whom we dislike. Who knows, maybe Lovren will actually come good one day!

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