The Top 10 Sports Trends Everyone’s Talking About Today (24 April 2015)

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1) Cristiano Ronaldo gave a little boy his shirt to apologise for accidentally hitting him with a free kick during warm-ups before Real Madrid’s game against Atletico Madrid:

2) Derrick Rose cruised the Chicago Bulls to a 113–106 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks with a dominant performance including this absurdly acrobatic lay-up:

3) The crowd at a Philadelphia Soul football game got blown away by a female fan’s showing during a “Flex Cam” half-time camera event:

4) Premiere League Sunderland football star Adam Johnson gets charged on three counts for having sex with a minor:

5) Rafael Nadal defeated Nicolás Almagro 6–3, 6–1, at the Barcelona Open…

6) … While Barcelona FC player Neymar (who had scored twice against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League just the night before) supported from the sidelines. The two stars even took a selfie together post-match!

7) Everyone loved this video of Ronda Rousey playfully practicing takedowns with a training partner…

8) …This video of New Zealand cricketer Trent Boult making an impressive catch at the boundary rope,

9) And this cheeky little spectator caught on camera at an NBA Hawks game!

10) And of course, we can’t miss out Dr. Phil counselling Manny Pacuqaio for aggression:

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