The Zlatan, Stevie G, Neymar, De Gea, Stephen Curry and lessons on why you should not show boat makes Todays Top 10 (16 May 2015)

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is on the brink of 12th title in 14 seasons as Paris Saint-Germain bid to clinch Ligue 1 triumph at Montpellier

2. This pitcher makes a super catch!

3. A lesson in why you should leave the show boating for later, or never.

4. Stephen Curry knocks down a buzzer beater in game 6.

5. Sports newest category — flying?

6. Good thing they put that stop sign there:

7. Manchester United star David de Gea ‘agrees personal terms’ with Real Madrid and could be on the way out of Manchester United.

Fine keeper he was too:

8. Talking about exits: Here’s a look back at Steven Gerrards career in stickers.

For old times sake:

9. Neymar is no Messi or Pelé but the world’s greatest sub-genius footballer

10. Under pressure, raining down on me, raining down on you… Here’s one for team spirit!

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