Todays’ Top 10 in Sports

  1. Looks like Rafa Benitez is on his way to Real Madrid

2. Chris Long and William Hayes raise awareness for homelessness by hitting the streets and living it rough, just like the homeless do every other day.

3. ESPN has compiled a Top 5 list of T20 scores that were big, but just not big enough.

4. Jack Warner, indicted Ex- FIFA official cites ‘The Onion’.

Skip ahead to 5:00 to watch his speech about USA holding the World Cup in 2015.

5. LeBron James has revealed how he plans to stop Stephen Curry… he can’t.

6. Brad Thorn retires after a long and illustrious career across different countries and sports codes.

7. Err, quarterbacks.. in baseball? Nice going CNN.

8. PSG win just about everything on offer in French football.

9. Harriette Thompson becomes the oldest woman to finish a marathon at 92!

10. David De Gea’s future plans are about as clear as mud at this point.

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