Top 10 Epic Kiss Cam Moments

By Christine Toh

Who knew that a simple social game during sporting events can be so entertaining. If you’ve had a stressful day at work, these 10 best kiss cam moments will leave you gasping for air!

  1. Humans aren’t the only ones deserving of kisses.

Give the goat some love!

2. The ultimate friend zone.

A moment of silence for this poor boy who just got friendzoned, twice.
I guess a girl’s gotta make sure that he gets the hint, eh?

3. Love at first sight.

Beer is love, Beer is life. Come here my love, you deserve a kiss

4. Oopsy daisy.

I guess love makes you forget about everything else around you
On another note: SHE WASTED A GOOD CUP OF BEER !

5. Caught in the act.

Nothing suspicious at all… NOTHING… AT… ALL

Do they not realise that their attempt to hide just made the whole situation look a whole lot more suspicious?

6. Caught in the middle.

There’s nothing for me to say: the guy’s epic expression explains EVERYTHING

7. Stolen away

If you are going to ignore your girlfriend during kiss cam, the mascot will give you a lesson on how to treat your girl right!

8. Mascot love, 2.0

“Hey, how about a peck on my cheek? Uhmmmm NOPE! Your face is mine NOM NOM NOM”

9. Playaaaa

I wonder how are all the guys related to her …

10. Public servants need love too.

This mascot sure knows how to thank the police for their service.

— — — —

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