Top 10 Famous Athletes That Are Also Dads

By: Faith Christine Lai

Happy Father’s Day! What would celebrating a wonderful day like this be without celebrating some of the incredible men who are not just incredible athletes, they’re also loving, dedicated fathers. Can we hear an ‘awwww’?

  1. Stephen Curry

Everyone knows about Stephen Curry’s delightfully rambunctious 2-year-old daughter Riley. Besides stealing headlines for her adorable appearances during her father’s post-game press conferences, it is clear Riley has also very much also stolen Stephen’s heart.

And the best moment of the NBA Finals goes to….

2. Lebron James

His team may not have won this year’s NBA Finals, but this basketball superstar has attributed his kids and family to helping him come to terms with the loss. The family man has spoken candidly about how, although he did not know his father growing up, he is determined not to miss a moment of his children’s lives. You’re doing a swell job, Lebron!

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Some eyebrows were raised way back in 2010 when Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he would be raising a son alone. Since then however, it has become clear that Ronaldo is indeed a loving and doting father to little Ronaldo Jr., who is steadily growing up to be a very fine young man himself!

4. David Beckham

That this celebrity dad makes the list should be no surprise to anyone. Since his first child, David Beckham’s adorable brood of youngsters have been as high-profile as a pack of kids could be.

Being a sports star hasn’t made David any less of a typical father, though. He takes tons of pleasure in embarrassing his kids, much like our dads!

5. Roger Federer

Everyone knows about Roger Federer’s prowess on the Tennis courts, but did you also know that he’s also a father to not just one, but two sets of twins? And despite his busy schedule, the Federer family of 6 is always on the move together.

6. Tim Duncan

The San Antonio Spurs basketball player may be a beast on the courts, but he’s also a devoted dad who tries to separate work from home. When asked about what he’s like at home during NBA season, he had this to say: “Whenever (the kids are) there, I try to turn off and just be Dad.”

That’s sounds pretty sweet to us, Tim! It’s no wonder his kids think he’s awesome:

7. Derrick Rose

Over the years, Derrick Rose suffered through multiple knee injuries that put his entire basketball career into question. Struggling through rehab, he professes that the birth of his son, ‘P.J.’, was what helped him through the process. “It’s great. Everything else doesn’t matter. He’s first.” Rose said.

Rose returned for this NBA season, with little P.J. is still right by his side:

8. Tom Brady

Tom Brady may not be in the media’s best books lately, but the love for his sons he has (and vice versa!) is so palatable that you can’t deny that he’s shaping out to be a really wonderful dad.

9. David Ortiz

David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz is a hitter for the Boston Red Sox. At the same time, he’s Dad to D’Angelo, or ‘Little Papi’, who seems to be very much following in his father’s footsteps. Talking about D’Angelo’s love for baseball, it is clear that Ortiz is nothing but one very proud (and super supportive!) father.

10. Lionel Messi

Could Messi get more perfect? From including little Thiago in his professional celebrations…

… to knowing when to take a break from work to spend time with his family, it is clear that this Soccer star has his priorities straight when it comes to fatherhood. Good news — him and his partner Antonella Roccuzzo are expecting another one along the way!

Our own fathers may not be anywhere as famous as these gentlemen, we but we can’t deny that they’re still superstars to us. So go on, give your dad a hug right now, and be sure to spend tons of quality time with him today!

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