From the AAAI 2020 Conference: Turing award scientists Hinton, LeCun and Bengio aim to make machines reason

From left to right, Yann LeCun, Geoff Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, Francesca Rossi, and Daniel Kahneman engage in a heated discussion of whether computers are actually ‘thinking’

You already know that Deep Learning is good at vision, translation, playing games, and other tasks. But Neural Networks don’t “learn” the way humans do, instead it’s just really good at fast pattern matching. Today’s research mainly focuses on bigger models with larger datasets and complicated loss functions. But the next revolution is likely going to be more fundamental. Let’s take a look at two approaches: adding logic with Stacked Capsule Auto Encoders and Self-Supervised Learning at scale.

All three Turing Award winners agree on Deep Learning’s problems

  1. Learning with fewer labeled samples
  2. Learning to reason
  3. Learning to plan complex action sequences
  1. CNNs not good at dealing with rotation or…

Here’s a startup founder’s perspective of Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference. Whether you’re wondering how 5G will create new opportunities or why Ghost Restaurants require AI, it’s a good idea to stay up-to-date in this fast moving field.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology officially defines AI:

Definition of AI: Capability of an engineered system to acquire, process, and apply knowledge and skills

I like this definition quite a bit as it doesn’t mention ‘human’ which is what normally people think of when they think AI. Having a commonly accepted definition is important as the world gets educated on what AI actually is.

Keynote address highlights

The most interesting things Ian Buck, Nvidia’s…

If you’re eyeing the new iPhone 11 for yourself or as a gift, you should know that the phone is phenomenal and a definite upgrade over iPhone 6/6s/7/8 or older models. But are the Pro models really worth $300 more? I don’t think so. In fact, I downgraded to a regular iPhone 11 after testing side-by-side. Here’s an in-depth look through photos to help you decide for yourself.

iPhone 11’s awesome Night Mode, taken handheld. Sure, it’s not perfect but freaking amazing for a phone.

iPhone 11 is a phenomenal phone

The last time I was excited about an iPhone was for the 6s, so it’s been a while…

  • The camera is phenomenal: wide angle shots and Night Mode were not possible before…

Online learning is a skill and you need to learn it to do well. Less than 5% of people who take a course online actually finish it, so it’s important you have some good strategies for success.

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Here are the most important 8 tips for online learning that I’ve learned from finishing quite a few classes:

  1. Find a friend to do it with you and commit to weekly study sessions. Better yet, find 3–4 friends and form a study group. Online learning is extremely lonely and when…

Learn to code for free and get a job at Google or Facebook by taking advantage of Stanford’s computer science curriculum online

I worked at Google for two years and studied at Stanford for three years. Recently I discovered a secret: Stanford, the #1 computer science school in the nation, is giving away its core computer science curriculum for free online. Timing is perfect for learning to code, software engineers are more in demand than ever with starting salaries that exceed $170k per year and higher-end engineers getting paid close to $500k per year.

If you want to break into tech or just want to learn to code, take an insider’s look at how you can obtain these highly desirable skills in…

Task composition impacts performance and consumer grade hardware offer the best value

Updated 7/15/2019

A personal Deep Learning Computer with 4 GPUs — 2080 Ti, 2 x 1080 Ti, and Titan RTX.

Whether you’re building your own Deep Learning Computer or renting one from the cloud, it’s important to know what drives performance. We take a deep dive to identify key performance and show you how to run your own benchmarks.

This is part 3 of 3 in the Deep Learning Computer Series. Part 1 is ‘Why building is 10x cheaper than renting from AWS’ and Part 2 is ‘How to build the perfect one’. See new photos and updates: Follow me on Medium, Instagram, and Twitter! Leave thoughts and questions in comments below.

Your personal computer is faster than AWS/GCP if the workload is CPU or IO bound

The $6,000 V100 hosted on AWS…

Updated 12/11/2019

Building your own Deep Learning Computer only takes a few hours. Assembly video is below.

You already know that building your own Deep Learning Computer is 10x cheaper than using AWS. But picking the right parts is not trivial, so let’s take a detailed look at things you should consider, the pros and cons of my build, assembly instructions, and how you’re saving as compared to buying.

This is part 2 of 3 in the Deep Learning Computer Series. Part 1 is ‘Why building is 10x cheaper than renting from AWS’ and Part 3 is ‘Performance and benchmarks’. See new photos and updates: Follow me on Medium and Twitter! …

Updated 12/11/2019

Gorgeous interiors of your Deep Learning Computer

If you’ve used, or are considering, AWS/Azure/GCloud for Machine Learning, you know how crazy expensive GPU time is. And turning machines on and off is a major disruption to your workflow. There’s a better way. Just build your own Deep Learning Computer. It’s 10x cheaper and also easier to use. Let’s take a closer look below.

This is part 1 of 3 in the Deep Learning Computer Series. Part 2 is ‘How to build the perfect one’ and Part 3 is ‘Performance and benchmarks’. See new photos and updates: Follow me on Medium, Twitter, and Instagram! …

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