Optimistically, this trait can be interpreted as curiosity, which incidentally, is something I quite like about myself. That curiosity drives my desire to really understand people, has helped me to become more empathetic. It takes me down lots of interesting paths that I wouldn’t have otherwise travelled.
The Lost Generation
Medina Eve

I was so fearful when (six months into my nursing degree) my suspicions were confirmed — I hadn’t “grown out of” my ADHD. I had two choices:

  1. Struggle on, enjoying the creativity and curiosity about things and the world and people and everything, or:
  2. Take medication. Be able to pay attention in lectures, but risk losing the creativity, curiosity… empathy.

I took the medication. I’m still creative and curious, but now I can concentrate on all the things I love doing, too 💜

I won’t say that life is perfect (it really isn’t, and I’ve requested a referral to a consultant again about changing my dosage to reflect the higher stresses of my final year of uni compared to my interruption year…). I am still learning how to do some aspects of social relationships, and working on my emotional intelligence, but I’m in a far better position than I was 3 years ago.

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